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When Is A Start Up No Longer A Start Up?

In recent years the world has become infatuated with everything ‘startup’. The glamour, appeal and trends of creating, or being part of, something new that has exciting prospects and levels of seemingly limitless success has lured people in and millions of businesses have popped up around the globe as a result.


Trouble With Scheduling Recurring or Planned Jobs?

Do you have issues with planned maintenance or jobs that need to be carried out on a regular basis that need to be scheduled in advance? Our brand new recurring task functionality allows you to schedule your jobs daily, weekly or monthly so you can set up tasks in advance and be assured that your […]


How To Inspire & Motivate Your Team

Realising the importance of creating a good team is one of the most significant factors of running a business. You are only as good as the people that you have around you and so it is imperative that you invest your time in helping develop and cultivate the individual members of your team. Working on […]


Bringing Technology Into The Workplace For The Future Generation

Gone are the days of paper based processes being sufficient to run a successful business. The workplace is becoming increasingly fast-paced and complex, meaning companies must invest in ways to keep their processes up to date and the most efficient they can be. They must, however, maintain a supportive, comfortable environment throughout for the employees […]


We Are On A Role With More New Features!

Having just introduced our new dashboard, we decided that we were on a bit of a roll and decided to keep supercharging our platform to enable an even more efficient management of field service businesses.


Just Graduated – What’s Next?

Finishing university and entering the vast, varied world of work and the next stage of your life can be a very daunting prospect. Are you worried about what to do next, where you should go and who you should talk to during this time? It may seem as though those around you all have it […]

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Introducing Our New Dashboard

We have recently brought more new features to our platform, further enhancing our customers ability to improve productivity for their field based employees.


We Answer Some Common Misconceptions About Field Service Apps

Many businesses with field based employees are considering the possibility of going paperless and transforming their processes into more productive, efficient, digital methods. They may, however, be hesitant due to some common misconceptions about the change to digital processes.


Ten Important Factors Of Leadership

Motivating and empowering your employees by being a true leader is not an easy task. It is one thing to be a ‘manager’ or a ‘boss’ but becoming an influential leader that people look to and respect is a different story. There are clear differences between leadership and simply managing people, which are often overlooked.


Is Your Business Ready To Go Mobile?

You may have heard of similar businesses in your industry becoming mobile and transforming their traditional paper based methods into digital formats, or you might be a part of a company that is already utilising the cloud in certain divisions.


How Construction Companies Can Embrace The Power Of Technology

‘Why fix it if it ain’t broke?’ It is no surprise that a company in an industry such as construction, where traditional methods have been implemented for years and years, are resistant to change. It makes sense to stick with what you know, unless there is good reason to update and keep up to speed […]

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Busy, Successful Companies Generate A Lot Of Paperwork…

Too much of this paperwork reduces the efficiency of your business and can slow down processes such as data collection, storage and retrieval, as well as being prone to errors and having issues with security. There are several reasons to become a paperless business, and below we discuss some of the reasons to do so


The Benefits Of Using Mobility Apps In Facilities Management

The employees of Facilities Management and Maintenance companies work at client sites, away from the direct supervision of managers. Managing staff is never easy, but when you are supervising a team remotely, the challenges become ten fold.


How Healthcare Companies Can Use Mobility Apps To Stay Ahead

The healthcare industry has some of the most advanced technology, machines and equipment which enable businesses to keep up with the latest patient and client requirements.


How Can Enterprise Mobility Help You?

Businesses of all types have to collect and share data in one way or another, as well as organise their business processes and manage employees in the field.


Introducing Calendar Job Scheduling & PDF Designer

We’re thrilled to announce brand new enhancements to Klipboard that further delivers improved productivity and efficiency for your business. Next time you log in on the Klipboard iPad app, you’ll see a brand new user experience in where we’ve completely redesigned how your tasks are viewed.


The True Cost Of Paper To Your Business

Most businesses are not truly aware of the cost of paper and the associated processes. The following stats will come as a surprise to most and will make you think twice about continuing with paper based processes.

Intelligent Asset Management Software.

How Construction Companies Can Embrace The Power Of Mobile Technology

‘Why fix it if it ain’t broke?’ It is no surprise that a company in an industry such as construction, where traditional methods have been implemented for years and years, are resistant to change.


Our ‘Say Hello To Klipboard’ Event

Klipboard invited guests to join us for an exclusive event at a historic paper mill in central London on the 4th November 2015 to say goodbye to paper and hello to Klipboard!

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