Oxford Instruments

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology is a leading provider of etch & deposition processing equipment & solutions.

They required a platform to manage their team that operate worldwide, customer planned maintenance schedules and the ability to produce custom forms for data capture in the field.

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Oxford Instruments


Oxford Instruments plc is a leading provider of high technology products and services to the world's leading industrial companies and scientific research communities. Klipboard were approached by Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, a group business and is a leading provider of etch and deposition processing equipment and solutions.

Plasma technology is used in the fabrication of most semiconductor devices created today across a wide range of industries. They are able to provide unique solutions for the creation and manipulation of matter with atomic-scale accuracy. Their systems range from single load-lock R&D systems to full clusterable production systems for high volume manufacturing.

The Challenge

Oxford Instruments approached Klipboard as they were using an in-house developed scheduling tool for management of their field engineer's schedules and the jobs assigned to each. Having over 70 engineers who work simultaneously across the globe, they were still heavily reliant on email communication to manage job schedule allocation and completion.

Not only were the engineers informed of any upcoming jobs by email communication or if they logged into a desktop calendar view, they also had to use Microsoft Word on laptops to complete their extensive service reports and risk assessments on site. Photographs of jobs were captured on a separate camera and inserted into the word documents and these reports were then emailed back to the office upon job completion for further administration before being emailed to their client.

The information collected on service reports was highly confidential so it was imperative that the data could be managed in a secure process. Capturing data in the field and removing the need for Word documents was of high importance to Oxford Instruments. The ability to also see in real time the progression of jobs would bring the benefit of a more streamlined client communication too.

Oxford Instruments were looking for an all in one platform that would be able to combine job scheduling, allocation to engineers across the globe, custom data capture in the field, realtime communication back to the office and streamlined communication with their client.

The Answer

Klipboard was aligned with the requirements of Oxford Instruments, we were able to provide a complete all-in-one Job Management Software to manage the scheduling of jobs and allocation to their engineers based on geographically location and skills.

Oxford Instruments are now able to schedule jobs for their engineers using Klipboard's scheduler and dispatch. Jobs can be quickly created and dragged and dropped to the relevant engineer for dispatch to the engineer's Klipboard mobile app where they will receive all the relevant job information. Back in the office Service managers and team leaders have real time access to all the jobs that are assigned, in progress or completed by all the service engineers across the globe simultaneously. Klipboard also gives a live tracking map view of their engineers current location and where the jobs are located worldwide.

They have also removed their need for using a laptop to produce service reports on Word documents in the field. Using Klipboard's mobile Form Builder, Oxford Instruments have created various custom service reports that can be deployed with a scheduled job and completed on the Klipboard app by their engineers. Simple data capture by typing or selecting responses or even voice dictation can be used when completing these forms on the mobile app. Combined with capture of images or signatures, the process for their engineers has been streamlined and reduced their job paperwork administration considerably.

Communication with their clients is dramatically improved by using our customisable automated email and SMS communications. This provides a seamless service experience as the job documentation is automatically sent to their client, ensuring instant access to service reports as soon as the engineer has completed the job. The configurable communications Klipboard offers ensures that Oxford Instruments can deliver on their emphasis of continuous communication and feedback with their customer.

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The Results

Oxford Instruments 70+ Field Engineers can now receive their jobs on the Klipboard mobile app with all the necessary scheduled dates and times, the relevant job details, directions, notes, and more, but also importantly with custom mobile forms for data capture. This streamlined the on site paperwork and job administration of servicing their client's Plasma equipment by reducing the number of systems they needed to use.

They no longer have to use programs on their laptops such Word documents for service reports a separate camera for image capture. The engineer has the ability to complete the relevant form documentation on site using the Klipboard mobile app, even without internet connection, and then do a real time sync back to the office, where it can be reviewed and approved for completion before being automatically sent to their client.

Oxford Instruments deployed Klipboard with a range of mobile forms, such as service reports, risk assessments, etc. These were created on our unique Form Builder to their exact requirements and a custom PDF design output using our PDF Designer. The benefit of having a consistent and branded output each and every time one is completed on a job has been invaluable and combined with the ability to set rules for mandatory completion of forms on jobs, has ensured compliance is met by each engineer.

The ability to manage their global field team more efficiently and gain insight on schedules using our dashboard has delivered real results for Oxford Instruments. Klipboard has streamlined office to field communications and also improved the process for their clients getting reports upon realtime completion.

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  • Features Job management Software

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    Real-time visibility, intelligent features and all the information for your team in one place. Klipboard is your all-in-one platform for job management, scheduling, planned maintenance, invoicing, quoting, automated communications, reporting and more.

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  • Features Job management Software


    Real-time visibility, intelligent features and all the information for your team in one place. Klipboard is your all-in-one platform for job management, scheduling, planned maintenance, invoicing, quoting, automated communications, reporting and more.

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