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Effortlessly Revolutionise Your Field Service Business Cash Flow

Elevate your field service cash flow with Klipboard by experiencing a seamless process for quoting, invoicing, payment processing and monitoring profit margin.

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Fast And Accurate Quoting

Begin your customer interactions on the perfect note. Whether you require an install quotation, a service quote or a meticulously budgeted proposal for a multifaceted project, you can effortlessly generate, revise and send your quotations from Klipboard whether you are in the field or the office.

Tailor Your Quotations To Perfection

Craft and deliver numerous personalised quote options to your client enabling them to choose the one that is right for them. Effortlessly adjust them according to specific preferences for materials, labor, and pricing. In one click your client can easily accept quotes electronically, alerting you to convert to a live job.

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green thin check circle One Click Convert Quotes Into Jobs

Streamline the quotation to job process. Enabling online quote acceptance for swift approvals by your client will improve the customer experience. For your internal processes it seamlessly converts the approved quote into either a single job or multiple jobs, reducing admin and accelerating efficiency.

green thin check circle Monitor Job Profitability And Margins

Maximise profitability on every job. Have total visibility of job costs in real time for all billable and non-billable labour and materials to assess net margins, as well as profit and loss.

green thin check circle Monitor Revenue Pipeline

Keep tabs on quotes you are expecting to win using our status and pipeline dashboard. Perfect for forecasting revenues and for gaining insights on potential opportunities and wins.

green thin check circle Professional & Eye Catching Quote Templates

Winning new clients can be highly competitive and that's why it's important to have professionally branded quotes. You have complete control of what is displayed, including design, your company logos, branding and messaging. With just a few clicks, your can create professional looking quotes that can be sent directly to your customers quickly and efficiently.

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Invoicing & Online Payments

Invoice From Office & Field

Are you tired of dedicating more time to chasing payments than managing your business? Those days are over when you use Klipboard! Whether you're at the office or on-site you can easily streamline invoice creation. Connect to Stripe for online Credit Card, Apple Pay & Google Payments which will add a unique 'Pay Now' link to each invoice emailed out to your clients or invoices can be securely paid for by credit or debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay in the field too.

Seamlessly Convert From Job To Invoice

Make invoicing a breeze with once click from job to invoice. Simply review the job, the associated costs such as materials, labour, technician timesheet, etc and easily process to invoice and payment via the Klipboard app or on the web dashboard in the office.

Client Portal Access For Invoices

Effortlessly manage billing for ongoing jobs by offering your customers the convenience of setting up a client portal for reviewing their invoices along with the ability to make online payment.

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Stay Informed About Overdue Invoices

Effortlessly Monitor Overdue Invoices and Payments History. Klipboard offers a user-friendly dashboard that provides transparent statistics on all invoices, including those sent, paid, and overdue. This ensures that you can effectively monitor and manage cash flow for your business. Our comprehensive search and filter tools make it quick and easy to access your customer's billing history.

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Klipboard is the future of field service and can improve the way you work regardless of the size of your business. If you manage people in the field and you want to offer your clients a great experience, try our 14-day free trial today.

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Accelerate Your Payments With Multiple Options

Give your customers an efficient way to view invoices and pay your business. Connecting with Stripe for online payments will reduce the burden of chasing customer payment and saving your admin team's time.

In The Field

In the field, payments can be effortlessly collected using the Klipboard mobile app, provided that team members have the necessary permissions.

For instant invoice payment, team members can opt for the "Scan & Pay" feature, which generates a QR code. To complete the payment, simply hold your device up for your client to scan the code with their mobile device camera. This action will open a payment screen on your customer's mobile device, allowing them to complete the transaction seamlessly.

Online Pay Now Links

Accept online payments via Credit Card, Apple Pay, and Google Payments. The Stripe integration automatically adds a distinctive "Pay Now" link to every invoice you send to your clients

Over The phone

Your office team can easily enable customers to provide credit card details over the phone. Simply open the invoice and click on the payment link and enter the customer's card payment details for immediate processing.

Via The Customer Porta

Easily give customers permission to securely access invoices and their transaction history within their own client portal. Invoices that are outstanding payment are highlighted to your customer. With one click your customer will be directed to an online payment page to settle the outstanding invoice.

Accounting Integrations

Easily Connect To Your Favourite Cloud Accounting Platform!

Integrating Klipboard with your preferred cloud accounting platform establishes a smooth synchronization process, eliminating double entry. It reduces the risk of mistakes and allows you to gain additional time that can be utilised on growing your business.


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