A specialist gym and spa design company who offers installation and maintenance services, they have a long history of creating high-end health, fitness and leisure solutions.

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Motive8 design, install and service bespoke fitness and leisure solutions for a high-end market. Established in 2000 they have fitted over 320 health and fitness facilities around the world, working closely with major architects, designers, developers and equipment manufacturers.

Motive8 offers a range of aftercare and maintenance packages ensuring their customers have peace of mind that everything will run smoothly after installation. Their team of highly trained engineers and technicians coffer support on planned maintenance visits or emergency call outs. They help their clients to maintain and resolve any issues to ensure that any facility can run efficiently with minimal disruption all year round.

The Challenge

Motive8 needed an efficient way to manage their planned maintenance and service operations. To meet the growing demand for their services and ensure their clients are all serviced to a consistently high level, they required a comprehensive field service and job management platform. It was a priority that it could provide insight on planned maintenance schedules and offer robust job scheduling of field team resources along with completion of required documentation in the field.

They required a software partner that matches their business, allowing their field teams to better organise their day, complete more maintenance jobs and be more efficient in the use their time and resources

The Answer

Motive8 are able to easily set up Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) schedules using Klipboard. This means they never miss a client service as our planned asset service dashboard gives realtime insights. Their clients remain fully informed around any upcoming services through the use of automated asset service reminders notifying of planned maintenance and ensuring the minimum downtime of equipment.

Klipboard's intuitive drag and drop scheduler tool, has provided comprehensive insight into their scheduled jobs, team availability along with the ability to easily move jobs around if they need to react to any emergency call outs, etc. They have greatly reduced the amount of paperwork for planned services by collecting everything they need with Klipboard's mobile forms, removing the need for paper and instead moving to a digital version. Our form builder has allowed them to created specific maintenance service sheets designed to their exact requirements.

Klipboard’s field service and job management software empowers their team to meet the challenges of completing a busy schedule of services for their clients and allocate their resources more effectively. Our workflow and form builder helps them complete inspections quickly and record information on site without the need to re-enter data back in the office.

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Klipboard is the future of field service and can improve the way you work regardless of the size of your business. If you manage people in the field and you want to offer your clients a great experience, try our 14-day free trial today.

Klipboard enables Motive8 to effectively run our customer maintenance processes with ease, whilst providing our customer with a professional automated report on the work completed. It is extemely easy to use and has already had a dramatic effect on the efficiency of our business Rob Clarke, Operations Manager, Motive8

The Results

With the support of Klipboard, Motive8 run their maintenance and inspection processes with ease. Their team immediately adopted the platform with ease and they’ve seen a increased performance on the number of jobs they can complete.

This is due to the considerable time saving made in performing planned maintenance jobs and completion of the relevant documents on the Klipboard mobile app. Motive8 has experienced a positive reaction from their clients, as they receive a professional and detailed report that is sent automatically upon completion of every job.

Klipboard's operational dashboard insights, job scheduling, automated communications for service reminders and much more, has delivered efficiency gains for Motive8 and how they deliver their range of aftercare and maintenance packages.

  • Features Job management Software

    Job Management

    Real-time visibility, intelligent features and all the information for your team in one place. Klipboard is your all-in-one platform for job management, scheduling, planned maintenance, invoicing, quoting, automated communications, reporting and more.

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  • Features Job management Software


    Real-time visibility, intelligent features and all the information for your team in one place. Klipboard is your all-in-one platform for job management, scheduling, planned maintenance, invoicing, quoting, automated communications, reporting and more.

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