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RJ Power Group have been able to improve their operations and efficiency by eliminating paper based methods and embracing mobile and cloud technology.

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RJ Power Group is a specialist electrical group providing engineering solutions to the power industry. They have three complementary businesses that cover Rail, Private Networks and Connections, to meet and exceed their customers’ requirements in respect of design, installation, testing and commissioning of power applications in the UK.

They provide integrated design and engineering services to the power sector for both LV and HV applications along with comprehensive planning and feasibility services to complement their full turnkey design, installation, testing and commissioning capabilities. This allows them to engineer the most appropriate electrical power solutions required.

The Challenge

Ensuring efficient planning and scheduling of the jobs to skilled team members was proving difficult. The use of a basic calendar tool that limited the ability to provide comprehensive customer details, job notes or associated paperwork for completion was not a long term, viable option.

Combining this difficult with the fact that a number of forms and reports that RJ Power Group require on a daily basis, this made their processes long and time consuming. Forms were paper based and were for installation and maintenance checks, as well as HV and LV checks, and detailed power generator reports. These were being completed on site for jobs on paper and then taken back to the office for data re-entry.

This lengthy process of re-entering job data entailed the interpretation of hand written forms, entering of this job data into their system and client records along with images that were captured by separate devices which had to be uploaded individually.

With the need for strict health and safety and risk assessments for the HV equipment they work on, this also added to the time consuming paperwork required to meet regulations and they were left with a lot of administration and unnecessary data re-entry at the end of each day.

The Answer

Klipboard's job management software's scheduling features have enabled a dramatic increase in efficiency in job management and allocation of resources. Engineers can access their schedules much faster and see what jobs they need to be actioning along with full visibility for client details, job notes and associated forms for completion, all via the Klipboard mobile app.

Communication with their clients has moved to realtime as they now have the ability to provide their clients reports and forms that have been completed in the field instantly, no more data entry or delays. Images, signatures and other data can be captured with ease for forms such as risk assessments, Earth Mat Test Sheets, HV Cable Insulation Test Form, HV Circuit Breaker Maintenance Report and many more.

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The software is excellent, the amount of time we save is invaluable. Thanks to Klipboard we now have both more time and more resources to deploy people on site. Isabelle Pierce, RJ Power Group

The Results

RJ Power Group have real time access to all their field based jobs, they are able to more efficiently plan out their engineer's schedules and give their team in the field everything they need at their fingertips. The move from RJ Power’s paper based methods to Klipboard’s job management software was a smooth transition. Engineers were able to pick it up and utilise the platform straight away due to the intuitive nature of the Klipboard mobile app and due to the focus we put on ease of use.

Klipboard has enabled RJ Power to replace all their paper based processes and instead provide document management, client management and efficient scheduling. Their office now has a real time view of field operations and overall performance through our operational and financial performance dashboard. Immediately our field service app has removed on average 4 hours re-typing each report in the office, and reduced it to less than couple of minutes admin to check each report on a job after completion. From the offset, it has increased the overall business productivity and efficiency.

Up to
% admin reduction
More time & more resources
Improved data capture in the field and removed data re-entry in the office whilst providing an overview of field operations.
Saving up to
hours per job
Increased job productivity
Previously RJ Power used paper based forms, now Klipboard’s mobile app has improved the speed at which jobs can be completed.
  • Features Job management Software

    Job Management

    Real-time visibility, intelligent features and all the information for your team in one place. Klipboard is your all-in-one platform for job management, scheduling, planned maintenance, invoicing, quoting, automated communications, reporting and more.

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Game Changing Features

  • Features Job management Software


    Real-time visibility, intelligent features and all the information for your team in one place. Klipboard is your all-in-one platform for job management, scheduling, planned maintenance, invoicing, quoting, automated communications, reporting and more.

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