How to spend less time on asset management admin

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  • Too many field services businesses are spending hour after hour with their asset management admin trying to locate asset information on their client’s jobs.

    Even the simple job of adding a new asset is a seemingly endless task, so let’s change that. Klipboard can help you start spending less time with your admin and more time with your clients.

    Your Asset Management admin is stopping you from meeting your client’s expectations

    Your clients expectations are always increasing, what was an impressive and fast response yesterday, is now the modern standard and most field service businesses systems aren’t set up to handle these expectations.

    From personal banking apps to ordering food, the digital age customer expects everything at their finger tips and they want their suppliers to know everything about their account, the services they offer and what your are responsible for maintaining.

    If it takes time out of your day to produce a report on a client’s job, raise a quote or invoice or even write up the asset management admin for the job itself, then you’re holding your business back.

    Client Expectations are rising

    Why people are turning to software to manage their field service admin

    A recent report from Capterra showed that 97% of field service software users saw a positive impact on their business from implementing Field Service Management (FSM) software. 

    Many businesses are upgrading their processes by adding FSM software but not all software options are equal, many don’t have a robust and intuitive asset management system.

    Cut out hours of asset management admin with Klipboard

    Imagine being able to instantly access all your asset details for your clients. Klipboard saves hours of asset management admin by gathering all your client’s asset details in one place and makes that information available in real-time for your team.

    Klipboard allows you to intelligently assign assets to your clients locations, using a platform that’s fully featured but approachable, making it easy for your team to use but powerful enough to make a big difference to your business.

    You can view more on how Klipboard makes asset management simple by clicking here.

    Asset Management admin on Klipboard

    With Klipboard you can add an asset in less than 3 minutes:

    Speed up your asset management admin with Klipboard and add an asset to your client’s register in less than 3 minutes. In less time than it takes to make a cup of tea you can upload the details of an asset, the location, the model, the reference number, colour and servicing schedule to Klipboard.

    Simple steps to follow:

    • Quickly access the Asset Management section from your Klipboard Dashboard
    • Click on ‘New Asset’ to create a new asset
    • Assign the asset to your client
    • Name the asset
    • Add in a PPM schedule start date, don’t worry if one isn’t set up it’s simple to do
    • Pick the location of the asset so it’s easy for others to find it
    • Add the reference number, the model number, and identifying features
    • Upload a photo if you have one but these details can be added later if you choose
    • Enter the warranty expiry date and servicing costs
    • Save and that’s it!

    You can view all the assets you’re managing in one easy to view report, it will show you what’s due a service and helps you keep on top of your client’s needs.

    Automated Service Reminders save time

    Automated service reminders are one of the most useful and smart features of Klipboard that simplifies for your asset management admin and improves communication with your customers.

    Streamline and automate your customer communication by making a record of the frequency their asset needs servicing and create a bespoke message to automatically send out via SMS or email when it’s due. Sit back and let Klipboard do the admin while your customer are full of confidence, safe in the knowledge you’ve got their needs covered.

    It’s just another way we help you meet the ever increasing expectations of your client and makes asset management a less admin intensive process, leaving you to get on with the job and growing your business. For more on automated service reminders click here.

    Setting up these automatic service reminders are easier than you would think. We’ve got simple templates for you to use that can even be personalised for each client.

    Asset Management Service Reminders

    Not a Klipboard subscriber but you want to try it out?

    Why not start a free trial with Klipboard today, get going straight away and see for yourself how quickly you can start reducing your asset management admin and doing some of the tasks that take up hours, in minutes.

    Click here and start your free trial today 

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