Pest Control Job Management Software

"Our all in one field service management software helps your office and field team to quote, schedule, manage customer assets, complete job forms, organise customer profiles, invoice and get paid faster. Try Klipboard free for 14 days."

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Pest Control Job Management Software

There’s a lot to manage in a Pest Control business. You have to efficiently manage your schedule during seasonal busy periods, quickly respond to callouts, produce reports and audits, as well as handling constant customer communications.

This is why many turn to Klipboard to help them simplify their scheduling, planned maintenance, recurring jobs, quoting, invoicing, reporting and more - an all in one job management software platform.

Simplified Job Management

Jobs are allocated to your Pest Controllers in the field and accessed on the Klipboard mobile app. This ensures they have everything they need at their fingertips - job schedules, routes, customer information, documents, inventory, time-sheets, along with any custom or industry standard forms.

Document pest damage experienced by your customers or the use of biological or chemical pest control substances by using our custom digital mobile forms and inventory management. Using our Mobile Form builder you’re able to create any type of digital form, report or job sheet you need for the task at hand. Your field team can easily complete on the mobile app and in addition can upload photos and capture signatures. Once the job is complete it is once click to instantly raise an invoice and issue to your customer.

Intelligent Scheduling

Schedule jobs with ease by using our Drag and Drop scheduler and dispatch your Pest Controllers. Avoid scheduling mistakes, customer no-shows and wasted journeys by utilising our intelligent scheduling features and automated customer SMS and Email communication. Instantly see which field team members can respond to a call out and swiftly assign them to take action on their Klipboard mobile app.

Easily create recurring pest control jobs with our planned maintenance features. Klipboard allows you to create planned preventative maintenance schedules and our extensive Asset Management web and mobile app capabilities allow for simplified asset surveying. You can get total visibility via our intuitive Asset Management Dashboard of all your customer assets that you manage on planned maintenance programmes.

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Try it for Free

14 Day Trial. No Credit Card. No Obligation.

Klipboard is the future of field service and can improve the way you work regardless of the size of your business. If you manage people in the field and you want to offer your clients a great experience, try our 14-day free trial today.

Supercharge Customer Experience

Managing the seemingly endless amount of admin, calls and emails Pest Control businesses have to deal with is made easier with our Client Portal. Impress your customers by giving them greater visibility of their jobs and allow them to approve quotes, pay outstanding invoices and even request new work orders from their own Client Portal.

Using our automated follow-up emails and our SMS text messaging services, we will let your customers know when jobs have been booked, provide reminders for upcoming jobs and also when your field team member is en-route to their job. Klipboard provides you with the ability to take customer experience to the next level and will give you the competitive edge over your competition.

Easy Financial Management

Our online quoting and acceptance will allow you to win business faster and kick off those jobs with ease. Getting paid and balancing cashflow is critical for any pest control business. Our pest control job management software will give you complete visibility of your business finances in realtime.

Gain insight on costs, margins, performance and much more. You can ensure delayed payments can be minimised as you can automatically notify your customer of an invoice requiring payment therefore prompting them to take action.

You'll also have access to popular accounting packages such as Xero and Quickbooks through a one click integration saving time on double entry and improving accuracy.

Klipboard is your all-in-one platform for job management, scheduling, planned maintenance, invoicing, quoting, automated communications, reporting and more.

  • Features Job management Software

    Job Management

    Real-time visibility, intelligent features and all the information for your team in one place. Klipboard is your all-in-one platform for job management, scheduling, planned maintenance, invoicing, quoting, automated communications, reporting and more.

  1. Jobs
  2. Scheduling
  3. Clients & Suppliers
  4. Asset Management
  5. Accounting
  6. Inventory Management
  7. Form Builder
  8. Live Tracking

Game Changing Features

  • Features Job management Software


    Real-time visibility, intelligent features and all the information for your team in one place. Klipboard is your all-in-one platform for job management, scheduling, planned maintenance, invoicing, quoting, automated communications, reporting and more.

Klipboard can help deliver benefits to your industry:

  • Manage all your customer information through our intuitive Customer CRM, Document Management and Notes features
  • Manage your team of Pest Controllers, create schedules and setup recurring jobs for aftercare programs for your customers
  • Our PDF Designer allows you to design the output of your final forms or reports as you wish and make sure they are directly in line with your company brand
  • Quote your clients, get approval, convert to a job for your Pest Controllers and invoice upon completion. Seamlessly integrate with XERO or Quickbooks Cloud accounting
  • Improve customer service by keeping your customers informed through the use of automated email notifications, calendar reminders and the ability to email reports with customers easily and efficiently
  • Eliminate the risk of forms being lost, damaged or destroyed by utilising our secure cloud storage and comprehensive management features on our web admin dashboard
  • Real time tracking of your mobile workforce on a GPS map along with their current status
  • Use our Form Builder to create any type of mobile workflow form or report such as Job Sheets, Risk Assessments or industry standard certificates for completion by the engineer on the mobile app
  • Access Pest Controllers documentation, manuals and service history all through a single job management software system
  • Time tracking of your installers hours and labour costs

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