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Deva Medical needed a better way to schedule planned preventative maintenance on healthcare systems and move from manual paper based methods.

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Deva Medical is one of the UK’s leading independent service and maintenance companies. Founded in 1981, they have continued to grow, not just in quality and services, but also in size. Their head office and large warehouse is based in Runcorn, Cheshire, and in 2006, due to increased business expansions, they opened a southern office in Putney, London. Deva Medical service and maintain equipment for the medical and healthcare industry. The service they provide ensures the medical facilities that use the equipment can continue to offer patient care of the highest standards.

For over 20 years they have worked closely with some of the biggest ventilation equipment manufacturers. They are specialists in respiratory equipment, including ventilators, bi-levels, continuous positive airway pressure equipment (CPAP), humidifiers and nebulisers.

Deva Medical also offer their services for blood bank fridges, FFP freezers, plasma thawers and pharmacy fridges. This greatly increased the range and complexity of their operation.

They have a team of fully trained and experience field engineers and technicians. They are expected to react quickly when called upon, to carry out repairs on their clients assets and maintain a programme of scheduled servicing.

The Challenge

To meet the growth within their business and their desire to move their manual based operations towards cloud orientated technology, they required a comprehensive field service and job management platform.

Maintaining critical care equipment across multiple clients in multiple locations created a real challenge for scheduling planned maintenance or even reacting to call outs. They needed to have complete visibility of thousands of individual pieces of equipment that need to be managed, inspected and serviced regularly to ensure safety and compliance. They were managing the planned maintenance scheduling on multiple Excel spreadsheets and all their client details on a legacy based system.

Any missed services effect the quality of the care received by their client’s patients, this put a lot of pressure on Deva Medical to manage their engineers and technicians diaries efficiently, so finding an improved way to manage their workload was the highest priority for Deva Medical.

The choice of field service software had to be flexible enough to accommodate the bespoke nature of their work, it had to have the ability to digitise service reports that were specific to each piece of equipment, therefore removing their reliance on paper reports.

The Answer

Deva Medical needed a way of bringing all their multiple processes into one comprehensive platform. Klipboard's comprehensive job management software, enables seamless management of job scheduling and the planned maintenance of their client’s assets in multiple locations. Our comprehensive asset registering tools gives complete visibility and insight to all of their client’s assets and importantly the associated service history.

They have removed their paper based service records and instead collect everything digitally with Klipboard's mobile forms. This has enabled them to created bespoke service sheets based on the equipment they service for a client on a job.

Realtime visibility of planned maintenance of assets via our asset management dashboard and automated service reminders informing a client when their asset is due a service has streamlined their operations instantly. Deva are able to easily set up Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) schedules using Klipboard ensuring periodically certification of their client's assets and importantly compliance whilst maintaining the minimum downtime of equipment.

Deva Medical's engineers and technicians receive their jobs in real time on the Klipboard mobile app. They can get directions to the job, view notes, record timesheets, view asset service history, complete forms plus much more.

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The Results

Deva Medical has streamlined their business operations and management of their field engineers, jobs, clients, assets, forms, documents and more with Klipboard’s range of smart job management software features. They have supercharged customer experience by providing a consistent and reliable service to their clients and embracing Klipboard's range of email and SMS communications.

Klipboard gives Deva Medical more insight into their business and greater visibility of what’s happening with their client’s assets. They are now able to provide the very best advice to their medical and healthcare clients as they can review the service and repair history of each asset. This ability allows Deva Medical to use Klipboard's comprehensive reporting to identify trends in faults, so they can advise their clients on whether to repair or replace their asset.

Our powerful operational and financial dashboard provides key insights on Deva Medical's team and business performance. Instantly they can see costs, margins and more for every job scheduled and completed. Combined with our integration with Xero cloud accounting they have reduce double entry admin as all client and invoice information seamlessly syncs between Klipboard and Xero.

  • Features Job management Software

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    Real-time visibility, intelligent features and all the information for your team in one place. Klipboard is your all-in-one platform for job management, scheduling, planned maintenance, invoicing, quoting, automated communications, reporting and more.

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  • Features Job management Software


    Real-time visibility, intelligent features and all the information for your team in one place. Klipboard is your all-in-one platform for job management, scheduling, planned maintenance, invoicing, quoting, automated communications, reporting and more.

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