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What is Field Service Management Software?

12 April 2021. Posted by Martin O'Neill

With FSM software businesses can optimise the activities of their field service and office-based teams with greater visibility of their jobs and improved inventory management.

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How to complete more mechanical engineering jobs with Klipboard

15 March 2021. Posted by Martin O'Neill

No more duplicate data entry, put an end to wasted journies, and never miss a scheduled service. Klipboard is built with your business in mind.

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Increase Your Revenues With Automated Asset Service Reminders

8 March 2021. Posted by Martin O'Neill

Preventative Maintenance planning is a great way to reduce the risk of asset downtime for your clients. With Klipboard we make it easy for your customers to know what assets are due a service and when.

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Why your field service software should be cloud based

1 March 2021. Posted by Martin O'Neill

Here’s a few ways you can benefit when your supporting partner in field service software is a cloud-based system

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5 ways to reduce reactive maintenance

22 February 2021. Posted by Martin O'Neill

Reactive maintenance puts pressure on your team and is costly due to downtime. Here’s 5 ways to switch to preventative maintenance.

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Why the Klipboard form builder is a game changer for field service

15 February 2021. Posted by Eddie Loughran

Klipboard’s form builder allows businesses to replicate everything they would normally need to collect in the field but digitise it and have that information available in real-time whether you’re in the office or in the field.

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How to find new revenue streams

8 February 2021. Posted by Martin O'Neill

There are opportunities for a lot of businesses to generate additional income even within their own industries. Often we’re so focused on our routine and current sales funnel it’s difficult to see these opportunities. 

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Klipboard vs your spreadsheet

1 February 2021. Posted by Max Jones

If your are still using spreadsheets to manage your field service teams. Klipboard has a better way to manage your jobs.

Replicate what you’re doing across Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, share resource drives, your calendar and email, with a single platform, which is easy to use and updated automatically in real time.

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5 tips for looking after your remote workers in 2021

25 January 2021. Posted by Martin O'Neill

Remote working was forced upon many of the UK’s workforce in 2020 and a large number of employees had no previous experience with working remotely. 

A recent report published by Buffer of more than 3,500+ remote workers, highlighted how many employees were feeling and the findings should be a key concern for business owners and managers in 2021.

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Inventory Management & Purchase Orders Released

30 October 2020. Posted by Draven McConville

Our new Inventory features is an extensive upgrade to our existing Products and Services feature. The upgrade will allow you to keep track of parts, products, etc across your entire business. You will have the ability to set stock levels and alerts along with determining if products are in a warehouse or a van or a location of your choice.

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