Track your mobile workforce with ease, the live status feed ensures you can see when they are en-route, arrived, started and completed your customer’s jobs. This level of visibility allows for you to adjust jobs accordingly, or assign a nearby field worker to a new last minute job. With a range of map filters, we ensure you can find the information you need quickly. For fast efficient communication, click on a field workers location and send them a notification message instantly which they will receive on the Klipboard mobile app.

Record your field workers hours and labour cost in real time through our Timesheets feature. Your field workers using the Klipboard mobile app can clock in by starting a timer and when they clock out, Klipboard updates both the job and the field worker’s timesheet to reflect the time spent working. Easy to start, easy to stop, and you get a clear picture of time spent traveling and at each job along with the associated costs that are automatically added to an invoice.