Klipboard allows you to automatically record when your client’s assets are due a service. Our automated servicing reminders sends out service reminders to your clients without you having to do anything.

Customise Service Reminders to Send For Various Different Timeframes
You can define the number of weeks you want to set before the reminder is automatically sent via email to your client. This can be defined per client asset and in fact each asset can have more than one schedule if required.

Customisable Email Templates
The messaging you wish to set for the automate servicing reminder email is fully customisable therefore allowing you to tailor it to your industry specific needs. Your clients will receive the service email reminders and it prompts them to reach out and call you for scheduling in the service.

Instantly See Which Clients Haven’t Had Their Asset Service
To optimise your PPM Servicing Schedules, Klipboard allows you to instantly see upcoming services and overdue services. We understand that it’s important to get in touch with clients who haven’t contacted you about their service. Our servicing grid allows  you to filter the servicing data in multiple ways and offers the ability to export a report listing all clients who haven’t scheduled their service, therefore ensuring nothing gets missed.