Great Features, Expertly Organised

The features you need to provide a seamless, quality service experience. Your team, and your customers will find every interaction with Klipboard intuitive and accurate.

Drag & Drop Scheduler & Dispatch

Schedule and dispatch tasks / jobs quickly and easily, make changes, reallocate or view field workers calendars by week/month or specific date.

Asset Management & PPM Scheduling

Our extensive Asset Management web and mobile app capabilities allow for asset surveying, asset registering and maintaining of assets on a pre-planned schedule at multiple customer locations.

Automated Client Asset Servicing Reminders

Klipboard allows you to automatically record when your client’s assets are due a service. Our automated servicing reminders sends out service reminders to your clients without you having to do anything.

GPS Tracking & Timesheet Management

Track your mobile workforce with ease, the live status feed ensures you can see when they are en-route, arrived, started and completed your customer’s jobs. Accurately record field worker’s hours and labour cost through our Timesheets feature.

Client CRM & Document Management

Create, update and manage your client details intuitively through our CRM. Manage client assets, documents, service records, contacts, communication preferences,  additional client sub locations, notes activities and more!

Automated Client Communication & Reminders

Communicate with clients by sending Client Follow Up Email & Optional Feedback Survey as well as Client Calendar Reminders

Insights Dashboard & Progress Status

The dashboard allows for an instant top line view of tasks / jobs and the various stages they are at. It also gives you an insight into business performance. 

Quoting & Invoicing

Quoting & Invoicing made easy. Easily create and send Quotes and then convert to jobs. Our customisable invoices ensure you look professional and billing history along with clear payment status ensure you can manage cashflow effectively.

Workflow Forms & PDF Designer

Create mobile workflow forms for certificates, maintenance records, inspections, surveys or just about any process you can imagine. Once ready, simply deploy these with a task / job for data capture in the field.

Create & Schedule Tasks / Jobs

Create detailed one off or recurring tasks on an easy-to-use drag and drop calendar for allocation to your workers in the field

Accounting Integration

A real time Xero sync will keep your client and accounting data up to date, preventing double entry

Send Real-Time Notifications

Send message notifications to field workers and keep the whole team connected

Cloud Security & User Permissions

Comprehensive Cloud security metrics with the ability to manage and regulate user permissions for web and mobile or tablet app users, allowing you full control over what each user can do

More great features coming soon!

We are constantly evolving and adding to the Klipboard Platform based on feedback from our community of users

“Klipboard enables Motive8 to effectively run our customer maintenance processes with ease whilst providing them with a professional automated report on the work completed. It is extremely easy to navigate and use and has already had a dramatic effect on the efficiency of our business processes.”

Rob Clarke, Operations Manager, Motive8