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Harness the advantages of time-saving automation and digital conveniences for effective management of your clients, jobs and team. This encompasses job scheduling, customer administration, accounting and asset management.

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Scheduling & Dispatch

Optimised & Smart Job Scheduling For a Comprehensive View.

Bid farewell to wasted administrative hours, reliance on whiteboards, and juggling everyone's calendars. With Klipboard, you'll gain insights into staff availability and their precise locations. Klipboard's job scheduling calendar offers intuitive features, including job categories, team member color-coding and drag-and-drop capabilities, allowing you to view your schedule by day, week, month, or agenda.

Select from a range of scheduling options to ensure the highest level of operational efficiency.

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Enhanced Visibility: Locate The Nearest Team Member

Klipboard's Live Tracking Dashboard provides real-time visibility into all customer jobs and the real time location of team members in the fields. Easily identify the best-placed team members for each job at hand.

Faster Dispatch With Team Member Categorisation

Efficiently organise team members into custom categories for elements such as their skills or regional locations they work in. You can simply then select the relevant category on the scheduler and dispatch which will instantly filter to the team members with those categories enabling for faster job dispatching to the right team member.

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Gain Insight Into Availability & Optimise Resources

Even if a team member is currently occupied with a job and won't be available for some time, our real-time visibility feature keeps you informed. With the live status feed, you can track their progress, from en-route and arrival to the job commencement and completion. Klipboard provides a clear snapshot of each field team worker's current job cycle and location.

Need To Assign a Team To a Customer's Job?

No worries! Klipboard's Teams feature allows your dispatchers to assign a job to multiple field team members. With Teams, you can initially allocate the job to the lead field team worker, and if necessary, include Support Team Members during the scheduling and dispatching process.

Our intelligent background algorithms automatically determine the available Team Members for that specific job, simplifying the management of jobs that involve multiple individuals. Klipboard's Teams feature is ideal for project-based work, installations, or any jobs requiring coordinated efforts from multiple team members who need clear instructions for the job at hand.

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Time Sheets

Simplify Time Tracking For Your Staff On The Job.

Do You Have Preferred Orders And Suppliers?

Our Timesheet Management feature empowers your field team members, using the Klipboard mobile app, to clock in and out with ease. By starting a timer upon arrival and stopping it upon departure, Klipboard automatically updates both the job records and the field team worker's timesheet, accurately reflecting the time spent on work and travel. It's a seamless process that provides a transparent overview of time for each job, along with the corresponding costs, all of which can transferred into your customer invoices for billing.

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Lead Management & CRM

Live GPS tracking Made Easy.

Enhance your field service scheduling capabilities with Klipboard's live GPS tracking, gaining real-time visibility into your team's whereabouts and availability for new assignments. Enhanced visibility enables smarter job allocation to the team member nearest to the job location, reducing unnecessary travel and optimising your team's routes for greater efficiency.

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PPM Scheduling

Effortless Planned Preventive Maintenance & Asset Management.

Klipboard offers user-friendly software to efficiently manage and uphold various asset types for your clients. Klipboard's robust Asset Management features, accessible through both web and mobile applications, enable asset surveys, registration, and maintenance according to predefined service schedules across multiple customer sites.

Office and field personnel can ensure the accuracy of asset records and gain a transparent view of asset availability at specific locations, asset conditions, historical data, and forthcoming maintenance schedules for those assets.

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Gain Instant Insight Into Your Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules

Effortlessly create maintenance schedules for each asset. These schedules can be customised to any desired frequency, whether it's daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Gain immediate visibility into upcoming and overdue services, allowing you to filter and sort the servicing schedules in various ways, whilst also distinguishing assets under warranty from those not under warranty.

Automated Asset Servicing Reminders Sent To Your Customers

Klipboard automates the tracking of when your client's assets are due for service. Our automated servicing reminders are sent to your customers based on the predetermined maintenance schedule, requiring no manual effort on your part.

QR codes offer an efficient solution for ongoing asset maintenance, providing swift and streamlined access to asset information. Every newly created asset automatically receives a unique QR code. These QR code labels can be easily printed and affixed to your client's assets.

Additionally, you can effortlessly generate a QR code for an asset or link an existing QR code to an asset via the QR code entry screen in the mobile app.

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Asset QR Code Scanning

Within the mobile app, you have the convenience of using the QR code scanner to expedite asset location and access service records. Once an asset is assigned a QR tag, your team members can simply scan the code using the Klipboard mobile app, instantly retrieving the item's details from your asset register.

During asset servicing, when the asset is scanned, the app prompts your team members to complete the necessary checks and add them to the existing service history library.

Client Portal

Give Your Customer's a 24/7 Self Serve Portal

Klipboard's Client Portal is designed for your customers and provides a seamless platform for effective communication and information sharing with key stakeholders in your client's business.

Your Client Portal can be branded with your company logo and a branded wallpaper which could easily act as an advert about a new product or service. Your clients can access their own dedicated Client Portal easily via a secure email link or you simply add a login button on your own website.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Effortlessly create maintenance schedules for each asset. These schedules can be customised to any desired frequency, whether it's daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Gain immediate visibility into upcoming and overdue services, allowing you to filter and sort the servicing schedules in various ways, whilst also distinguishing assets under warranty from those not under warranty.

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