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Time equals money. Optimise your productivity by automating job scheduling, harnessing integrations, and utilising digital processes to streamline tasks and reduce the daily grind.

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Digital Transformation

Easily go paperless in your field service business & see the benefits instantly.

Say goodbye to paper and enhance the flow of data within your field service operations. From customer interactions to invoicing and financial management, you can easily optimise your workflows. This not only streamlines job admin it also ensures, compliance, accuracy and time savings for all.

Tailor job form templates to your preferences

While we offer some industry standard form templates that may suit your business, we understand that your needs may be more unique. That's why we provide Form Builder and PDF Template Designer, an intuitive tool that empowers you to craft templates tailored to every aspect of your business. Easily incorporate logos, customise text, add data capture fields and more! Create forms for assessments, audit reports, maintenance records, inspections, surveys or just about any process you can imagine. No programming or coding required.

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Digitally capture crucial details

With Klipboard's Workflow Forms, you can put your worries to rest, maintain control, and ensure the accuracy of your data details on every job. You have the flexibility to personalise forms to gather the most valuable information for your customer jobs along withe ability to long to configure rules for completion on the job or if they are mandatory or not, ensuring you can be compliant and be confident that the required forms are completed before a job can be closed.

Effortlessly complete forms whilst onsite

Bid farewell to end-of-day paperwork hassles. Armed with tablets or smartphones, your field team can effortlessly submit digital forms, such as Job Sheets, Servicing Reports or basically any custom form you require all pre-loaded onto the Klipboard app. Your field team can capture and share photos and customer information without the need to return to the office. As for your office staff, they no longer have to wait for field paperwork to move jobs forward or to invoicing stage.

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Unlock Klipboard's Full Potential Through One Click Accounting Integrations

Klipboard's versatility scales with your business. Elevate your capabilities precisely when and where you require them by selecting from our range of integrations that are easily accessible from with your Klipboard account.

Effortlessly streamline the process of posting and cross-referencing transactions between Klipboard and your accounting software. With our integrations, you can seamlessly transmit data from Klipboard - including invoices, payments, and supplier purchase orders - directly to your integrated accounting software. This eliminates the need for separate account updates or double data entry, ensuring the accuracy and transparency of your financial data.


Enhance your customer experience with versatile payment methods

Klipboard's ability to connect with Stripe offers a robust and secure electronic payment gateway, enhancing the safety and cost-effectiveness of online payments. A unique "Pay Now" link to each invoice sent to your clients via email will be embedded with the invoice and additionally, your team members in the field can conveniently collect payments using the Klipboard mobile app, provided they have the necessary permissions.

For quick invoice settlement, team members can opt for the "Scan & Pay" feature, which generates a QR code. By connecting to Stripe, you enable online payment options, including Credit Card, Apple Pay, and Google Payments, this seamless process ensures prompt and hassle-free payments for your services and whilst also improving customer experience.

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