Do you need to create a register of assets whilst out at a client’s location? The Klipboard mobile app provides the ability to access asset surveys in order to quickly record details of assets at that location. This is helpful when tendering or taking on maintenance work for a client as your field worker can quickly record details of each item including any serial numbers, manufacturers, product codes, equipment details as well as a range of other useful details during a survey. Once the field worker has finished, the captured asset data will be synced back and stored against the chosen client’s asset register on the web dashboard.

Field workers can also complete any Service Records for Tasks that have been scheduled to them and that require those Services Records to be completed in accordance with an Asset’s PPM schedule. The field worker is notified of any Service Records to complete as a notification will appear on the menu when they open the Task on the mobile app. This gives the field worker complete visibility of what needs completed along with access to any photos, history, documents and contacts for the client’s assets.