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30 Essential Tools for the Modern Electrician

Here’s a list of essential tools needed for jobs ranging from simple repairs to full installs. This is the list of essential tools for the Modern Electrician.


What it’s really like working in a tech Start up

I will share what it’s really like working in a tech Start up and tell you about my first year as Head of Marketing for Field Service game changer Klipboard.


3 things found in all great HVAC software

Managing a busy planned maintenance schedule and being able to react to call outs requires these three features all found in great HVAC software.


7 huge benefits of using eForms for Field Service

There are many benefits to using eForms and that’s why these adaptable, easy to create and simple to use digital forms have changed the face for field service.


How to increase profits by improving your Inventory Management

Improving your inventory management is easier than you would imagine. It will help you increase your profits and keep your customers satisfied


How to create an Uber-like experience for your Field Service business

An Uber-like experience is commonly used to describe an easy to use service and Field Service customers are starting to expect an on-demand and real-time service from you.

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What the new Minimum Efficiency Standards mean for your HVAC business

Changes to HVAC Minimum Efficiency Standards are coming in January 2023, these will have a significant impact on HVAC servicing businesses and the prices of HVAC products. In this article we outline the what the changes will mean to your HVAC servicing business and why you need to start taking action now.   What are […]


5 ways you can greatly reduce your Field Service Admin

Here’s five easy to action ways Field Service businesses can ditch the filing cabinet, stop the constant emails and put an end to duplicating their field service admin.   1. Use Mobile Forms to gather information from the field Your Field Service engineers and technicians will be able to record more information accurately when they use […]


5 ways a Client Portal can help your business grow

A Client Portal will create a 360 degree picture of your field service jobs for you and your clients.   Here’s five ways a client portal will help your business grow by streamlining some of your admin tasks and by providing your client with a better view of what’s happening.   1. Streamline Communications with […]


How a Field Service Engineer App can ensure compliance

Field Service Engineer apps can help maintain a structure to each asset servicing visit. By ensuring the correct instructions and procedures are followed each repair or inspection will greatly improve your ability to ensure compliance.


First-time Fix Rate hurdles and how to clear them

Achieving a good First-time Fix Rate is challenging and without the proper support, training and technology in place your team will experience many hurdles in attaining it. In this article we identify the common challenges faced and how to overcome them.

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How to prevent burnout in a team

Around 18 million days are lost in the workplace every year in the UK due to work related stress, depression and anxiety. These are the key contributors to mental health related absence and employee burnout.  Those figures from the Health and Safety Executive highlight the need to better understand the effects of stress of your […]


5 things to do before starting a Job Management Software Free Trial

Before you get started with a free trial for Job Management Software, there’s a few things you should know ahead of time. This insight will help you get the most out of the software and ensure you grow your business.   What is Job Management Software?   Job Management Software is designed to improve how […]


How to retain more customers for your field service business

Offering great customers service isn’t enough. A key concern for most field service businesses should be how to retain more customers and here’s how you do it.


Will Smart Machines replace Field Service Workers?

Field Service business owners are often driven to look for any efficiencies and cost savings they can find. Will AI and machines replace Field Service Workers? 


Why PPM Schedules are vital for Medical Equipment Servicing

PPM Schedules ensure the continued functionality of sophisticated medical equipment and help prevent frequent breakdowns or performance issues.


7 things missing from your Job Management Software

Not all Job software is alike. Effective Job Management Software should effortlessly dove tail with your service business like Klipboard. 

Intelligent Asset Management Software.

Top 5 Security Installer Software features

Security Installer Software enables businesses to spend less time with their admin and more time providing innovative security solutions for their clients.


Challenges faced in Field Service (2021)

Are you experiencing any of these challenges faced in Field Service in 2021? Our survey uncovered the biggest concerns and challenges in field service.