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How to retain more customers for your field service business

Offering great customers service isn’t enough. A key concern for most field service businesses should be how to retain more customers and here’s how you do it.


Will Smart Machines replace Field Service Workers?

Field Service business owners are often driven to look for any efficiencies and cost savings they can find. Will AI and machines replace Field Service Workers? 


Why PPM Schedules are vital for Medical Equipment Servicing

PPM Schedules ensure the continued functionality of sophisticated medical equipment and help prevent frequent breakdowns or performance issues.


7 things missing from your Job Management Software

Not all Job software is alike. Effective Job Management Software should effortlessly dove tail with your service business like Klipboard. 


Top 5 Security Installer Software features

Security Installer Software enables businesses to spend less time with their admin and more time providing innovative security solutions for their clients.


Challenges faced in Field Service (2021)

Are you experiencing any of these challenges faced in Field Service in 2021? Our survey uncovered the biggest concerns and challenges in field service.

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Everything you need to know about CP12 certificates (2021)

Here’s everything a Gas Engineer needs to know about CP12 certificates (Gas Safety). Required by law when a Landlord lets a property (2021)


7 things successful Facilities Managers do

Here are 7 things successful Facilities Managers do to meet the new challenges they face and make a difference to their client’s businesses.


What are mobile forms?

Mobile forms are one of the best ways of collecting data and you can do it on something 90% of adults use daily a smart phone. What are Mobile Forms?


5 ways Field Service Software supports top-notch Customer Service

Top-notch customer service is about understanding your client’s needs and going beyond their expectations here’s how Klipboard helps you achieve that.


How to add Fire Protection Job Management Software to your business

Fire Protection Job Management Software is vital when it comes to completing more jobs and ensuring you can meet the standards of your 3rd party accreditations.

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How to grow your HVAC business

The need for HVAC services is only going to increase as the UK returns to office spaces and retail units. Here’s how to tap into that increased demand.


Are your quotes good enough to win new business?

Sales are everything to your business, every business owner understand how important it is to find new customers, but are your quotes good enough to win new business?


Do Google Reviews matter?

Do Google Reviews matter and can they affect how likely a potential customer will contact you?


How to spend less time on asset management admin

Too many field services businesses are spending hour after hour with their asset management admin trying to locate asset information on their client’s jobs.


Turn your team from Sunday League to Superstars by sharing knowledge

The benefits of sharing knowledge around your team are felt throughout your business from your team in the field to your clients.


What is Local SEO and do you need to do anything about it?

If you want to grow your customer numbers you’ll need to know a little about Local SEO, it’s an excellent way for customers to find you.

Intelligent Asset Management Software.

5 Asset Management problems solved by Field Service Management Software

Here’s 5 of the most common problems in Asset Management and how field service management software helps to solve them.


Automate your processes and save money

One thing that field service businesses all have in common is the need to reduce costs and meet their client’s expectations.

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