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​​How to create a useful Medical Equipment Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Medical Equipment Preventive Maintenance checklists provide engineers and technicians a way to ensure their client’s assets work at peak performance.


What you need from your Alarm Installer Management Software

If you’re looking for more efficient ways to schedule Alarm Equipment installation jobs then here’s what you need from your Alarm Installer Management Software.


Why use Medical Equipment Asset Management Software?

Servicing businesses are turning to Medical Equipment Asset Management software to streamline job scheduling, reduce admin and win back more time.


A Complete Guide to Preventive Maintenance Software

Our complete guide to using Preventive Maintenance Software to manage the scheduled maintenance of your client’s assets.


How Depher is supported by Klipboard to help those in need

We interviewed James to ask him about what motivated him to set up Depher and what he thinks can be done to improve the lives of countless people. 


How managing your HVAC business changes in the summer

When things really start to heat up in the summer managing your HVAC business can be challenging, here’s our guide on what you can do to be better prepared.

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5 huge reasons Asset Maintenance Companies use Klipboard

There’s so much choice out there for Job Management Software, but why do more and more Asset Maintenance Companies choose Klipboard?


Why Smart Scheduling is a big deal for Field Service

No more wasted journeys, more efficient resource allocation and happy customers, that’s why Smart Scheduling is a big deal for Field Service.


The Definitive Guide to Elevator Service Software

Elevator Service Software is pushing the right buttons for servicing businesses by reducing wasted journeys, streamlining job scheduling and improving cashflow.


Why self-service is expected by Medical Device Maintenance Customers

To meet the expectations of customers more Medical Device Maintenance businesses are looking towards customer self-service portals.


​​5 minute marketing guide for Field Service businesses

You can make a difference to your business by putting aside a small amount of time each week and following this marketing guide for Field Service businesses.

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6 ways to take the stress out of an Unplanned Maintenance job

Unplanned Maintenance jobs give your Field Service team a chance to impress with their professionalism, but your team needs to be on their A-game.


Do you need to use QR codes for Asset Tracking?

How quickly you can retrieve information has been changed forever by QR codes but have we moved on from them and are they still required for asset tracking?


7 ways a Field Service Dashboard supports Medical Device Maintenance

To manage PPM schedules and find time for reactive jobs, Medical Device Maintenance businesses need a complete picture of their operation – that’s what  Field Service Dashboards provide.


How Digital Forms can Transform your Medical Equipment Servicing Business

Reduce wasted time, eliminate human error and speed up the process of gathering data from the field by turning to Mobile Digital Forms.


12 secrets of outstanding Field Service Diary Management

What difference would excellent diary management make to your field service business? 


How software makes Coffee Machine Servicing less of a grind

Something is brewing in the Coffee Machine Servicing industry. Field Service Management Software and is helping businesses to achieve SLAs.

Intelligent Asset Management Software.

The complete guide to Healthcare CMMS Software

Managing the Planned Preventative Schedules (PPM) for Medical Equipment requires you to be extremely organsied and Healthcare CMMS helps you achieve it and meet customer demands.


Why Medical Equipment Maintenance is ready for Modernisation

The services supporting Medical Equipment Maintenance are in dire need of modernisation to keep up with demand.