What is Field Service CRM software?

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  • 49% of service businesses use Field Service CRM software to help them manage their clients, their assets and dispatch jobs to their teams. With increased pressure on profit margins from rising fuel costs and supply chain issues, many more will turn to this software to provide business efficiencies.


    What is Field Service CRM software?

    CRM software has been around for a good number of years. Almost half of all Field Service businesses use software in some form to manage their clients and their jobs.

    It’s a way of pulling together all your job details, asset service history and essential client information into one platform. This greatly reduces the amount of time spent on admin and helps field service teams focus on getting the work complete.


    Cloud or in-house Field Service CRM software?


    For many years the standard set up for Field Service CRM software was in-house. Businesses would purchase the software and have to manage their servers and infrastructure themselves which would require:


    • IT Managers
    • Maintenance of servers and computer equipment
    • Capital expense of set up and replacement or equipment


    However, over time the technology has evolved and new providers such as Klipboard have arrived on the market providing Cloud based software.

    Cloud based or Web based as it’s also known is an alternative to in-house where the software is housed on the suppliers servers and all Field Service businesses have to do is log in to the secure network.

    That means your team can log in from anywhere, on any smartphone, tablet or desktop device. You get all the benefits of an in-house system with none of the maintenance and running costs.

    You’re starting to see Cloud based solutions in all aspects of life such as streaming services like Netflix and Banking Apps. They are reliable, secure and fast which makes them particularly appealing to businesses who want to host their CRM on these services.



    Field Service CRM Software


    Field Service CRM Software features that solve today’s challenges

    Field Service businesses are facing some pretty unique challenges at the moment. Rising fuel costs, supply chain issues and increased competition is putting pressure on profit margins and forcing some field service businesses to modernise.

    Here’s some of the key features found in Field Service CRM software that are helping Field Service businesses address these challenges.



    Job Routing


    Intelligent job Routing

    From June 2022, the average cost of petrol rose to 186.59p ($2.26) a litre and diesel to 192.48p, filling the average fuel tank would set a business back by about 106p. Fuel costs are no longer just another expense incurred when running a service business, like keeping the lights going in the office or filling up coffee in the pot. The cost of filling up your vehicles will need to be considered when pricing work and setting out your business plan.

    Intelligent job routing found in Field Service CRM software helps reduce costs by limiting the trips to the pumps. This smart feature will direct your field team to the next job using the quickest and most efficient route possible. A simple tap of an app and your team can be directed to their next  job using embedded mapping and GPS location technology.



    Inventory Management



    Inventory Management

    Global Supply Chain issues are creating long delays for Field Service businesses securing parts. In many cases parts have increased in price due to their scarcity, this is making efficient inventory management more important.

    Field Service businesses are turning to Field Service CRM software with Inventory Management to keep on top of their parts usage. Should a Client’s Asset breakdown requiring a replacement or new part installed you want to be able to ensure that equipment is operational as soon as possible. Without an accurate picture of the stock you have and a proactive approach to re-stocking parts you’re leaving your client exposed.




    Automated Customer Communication

    The modern customer expects to know what’s happening with their jobs in real time. They are looking for an ‘Uber-like’ experience from their suppliers and service partners but that’s difficult for the average business to deliver.

    Field Service CRM software such as Klipboard includes Automated Customer Communications so you can keep your client informed when a job is booked, who is attending and when it has been completed.

    This not only provides a better experience for the customer but also greatly reduces the amount of calls and emails you have to manage.

    The future of Field Service is a better connected, more transparent, real time service and that’s something you can only achieve with Field Service CRM software.

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