Why use Medical Equipment Asset Management Software?

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  • Most Medical Equipment Servicing businesses use software of some kind to manage their day to day. They will have a diary system for asset service dates, a spreadsheet of asset registers, a way of tracking their engineer’s workload and they will email forms and job details to their teams.

    The amount of admin this creates for the business grinds progress down to a halt. Many Medical Equipment servicing businesses are spending time duplicating work or carrying out tasks that don’t add any value to the business. Servicing businesses are turning to Medical Equipment Asset Management software or FSM Software, to help them streamline their job scheduling, reduce admin and win back more time.



    Medical Equipment Asset Management Software


    What is FSM Software?

    Field Service Management Software (FSM) or Job Management Software is used much more broadly than just the Healthcare and the Medical industry. It’s been adopted by service technicians and engineers in any instance where a mobile worker needs to visit a location, carry out tasks, record them and relay that information back to the office.

    FSM Software has revolutionized the Field Service industry by allowing engineers to spend less time completing paperwork and more time completing jobs.

    In most cases there are two components to FSM software:


    1. The Desktop Platform
    2. A Mobile App


    These two applications work in tandem to provide the mobile worker with a time efficient method of recording details of a job. The data is collected in the field and synced with the support teams who can view the job progress, notes on the job, work schedules and more from their desktop platform.


    Cloud based or On-premise?

    Traditionally Job Management Software was custom built for each business. Software providers would carry out investigations and audits on a business and build a system that mimics their day to day and house that software on-premise. Cloud based or Web based technology has changed the landscape of FSM software and provides Field Service businesses with software hosted online, meaning they don’t have to manage a server or hardware to run the system.

    Further reading: Why your FSM Software should be cloud based


    Why not just use a diary and email?

    Field Service business could use a diary and spreadsheets to manage their jobs and the assets they service. They could also email their engineers and technicians with job details and documents but this is an inefficient use of time and leaves the door open for human error.

    The average Field Service professional spends around 6 hours a week on admin, that’s a significant amount of time that could be better spent on completing more jobs or ensuring all the work is completed at the first visit. FSM Software has a very good ROI because the time spent on admin is expensive and adds little value to a business.

    When service teams use Medical Equipment Asset Management Software they have all the details they need on a client’s job at their fingertips. They use mobile forms to complete all the checks they need to make and when the work is completed the client can sign off and approve the repair or inspection on their smartphone or mobile device. No admin. no emails, no mistakes.


    Medical Equipment Maintenance


    Why Technicians Use Medical Equipment Asset Management Software

    The healthcare sector is a huge market for equipment maintenance. In the last few years, particularly post-covid 19 we’ve seen massive investment into the sector and that brings with it added pressure to ensure compliance is reached with all equipment.

    In 2020 the UK spent £257 billion on Healthcare. This is a significant amount of money that’s invested into healthcare facilities, research and new equipment, the latter requiring periodic servicing by medical equipment asset servicing businesses.

    Despite the considerable investment the UK makes in Healthcare it’s still significantly behind many other countries, especially the United States, of which their spending per person far exceeds other nations.


    Healthcare spend by Nation


    To keep up with the demand for their services and ensure their clients don’t fall foul of compliance and standards breeches – often resulting in heavy fines, servicing businesses use Medical Equipment Asset Management Software.

    By streamlining their operation with smarter job scheduling, digital forms for data collection, reducing the need for duplicating admin and improving cash flow with fewer invoice delays, they are able to run more efficient, cost effective businesses.



    PPM in Biomedical


    Why Servicing businesses choose Klipboard for their Medical Equipment Asset Management software

    Klipboard offers an all-in-one Field Service Management software platform that’s perfect for Asset Management particularly in the Medical and Healthcare industry.

    Our platform is easy to use, fast to adopt and accessible on both IOS and Android devices. Many Healthcare and Medical Device servicing businesses benefit from the suite of Asset Management tools we offer and the Automated Customer Communications that ensure your customers are made aware of services they need, well in advance.


    Improved Asset Management

    The key to successful asset management is visibility of your job schedule and due service dates. Klipboard allows you to click one button and instantly view all your client’s assets.

    You can see at a glance all the services due over the next days, weeks and months and plan around those dates. You know you’ll be called upon for the occasional responsive job when your client needs you so having instant visibility of your team’s work schedule makes this more manageable.

    While on site your team can update the client’s asset records, fill out compliance checks and even add assets to a register, including photos, notes, floorpans, drawings and more.

    Learn more.


    Streamline Job Scheduling

    Our scheduling tool allows you to dispatch your team by simply clicking on your diary, creating a job or assigning a created job and choosing the date or time.

    Need to move things around? No problem, just click on the job and move it to another date or time, you can even allocate the job to a different technician and instantly send all the relevant information they need for the job.

    Learn more.


    A better view of your business

    We call Klipboard the beating heart of our customer’s business. That’s because by using our software you can view our interactive performance dashboards which display statistical graphs and finance performance.

    You’ll know exactly what’s happening in your business with this real time view and with a single click of a button you can drill down to each job and gain a more granular view.

    Learn more.


    Clever Client Management

    Klipboard allows you to quickly create, update and manage your customer’s records. This could be adding a new client, a new job or even new asset information in a fast, responsive and easy to use platform.

    Add Job notes, documents, contact information, quotes, invoices and more.

    Learn more.


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