4 reasons why you should invest in field service management software

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  • Now is the time to invest in technology for your field service business.

    The right field service management software pays for itself and enables you to do more with less resources. Usually many field service businesses use paper forms, Excel spreadsheets, manual systems or multiple systems to manage their field service jobs and client communication.

    Managing your field service business does not have to be draining. When you invest in field service management software, you can be confident that your operations are efficient and more profitable.

    Investing in field service management software can be a smart decision for businesses that rely on field workers, such as service providers, maintenance crews, or install teams.


    What is Field Service Management Software?

    You may be in the industry but simply might not have been aware of software that is specific to your needs. Field service management (FSM) is software to help streamline admin and supercharge job management processes between the office workers and the field workers.

    Interestingly it still appears that many in the field service industry are still not aware of field service management software or have held off deploying yet, as around 52% of field service businesses currently manage their operations using disjointed manual methods that cause errors and inefficient legacy systems.

    Many field service business are comfortable with traditional methods of managing and scheduling your field-based workforce, but the reality is that these methods are are incredibly time-consuming and often lead to various costly errors. These methods may get the job done for your customer but your business is suffering the cost impact from managing that job in that manner. To manage your operations and jobs you could be using old in-house software that you developed, calendar systems, WhatsApp, email or a spreadsheets to name a a few – in any case though, you will find that you have scheduling errors, paper work errors, poor first-time fix rates, dissatisfied customers, low employee engagement and generally overall poor productivity.

    In a challenging economic environment, field service businesses need to be proactive and not be complacent about being more efficient in their operations and streamline their processes for managing customer jobs. Field service business need to innovative to build business resilience and stay competitive. This is exactly where field service management software can help.

    Here are 4 reasons why investing in field service management software can be beneficial:

    invest in field management software

    1. Complete Your Jobs Faster

    Time management is crucial for field service businesses – time is money. Fortunately, With field service management software your technicians will use less time to complete the job and your scheduling team will have more tools to optimise job routes and the dispatching of jobs.

    2. Reduce Your Operating Costs

    Using field service software enables you to just do things more efficiently inside your own field service business. Field service management software can reduce the time, expenses and processes that eat away at your profits by making you more efficient.
    Optimised scheduling, reduce fuel expenses for travel with routing tools, task automation and much more to help reduce operational costs.

    3. Maximise Team Productivity

    Continuing with manual processes such as paper forms in your field service business will impact team productivity and engagement. This can easily be avoided with field service management software.
    Your business will have increased productivity and a more satisfied employee, due to unnecessary tasks being automated. This will also help with employee retention, an important factor in the current competitive environment for talent.

    4. Improved Customer Satisfaction

    A new generation of customers has arrived, they are familiar with on-demand features and it is what they expect from today’s businesses. They use apps such as Uber, Amazon and Spotify. They leave reviews and may even share a tweet about you. Now you can offer these kind of on-demand features and supercharge your customer experience with field service management software.

    Revolutionise your field service operations

    Modern, comprehensive and cloud based field service management platforms can revolutionise and streamline your current operations, business performance and ultimately giving you more visibility and control over your business than ever before.

    In today’s fast-paced digital world, investing in field service management software for your field service business is a smart move. It will help automate routine tasks, streamline operations, and provide real-time insights into your business performance and general operations.

    Deploying field service management software will increase your overall efficiency and productivity within the team, which typically translates into higher margins on jobs resulting in greater profits and growth. Not only will your field service business be more profitable, as mentioned you will have more satisfied customers due to field service management software streamlining communication and providing real-time updates.

    Combine the above advantages with better data insights for more informed decisions and the ability to identify new opportunities, along with being more competitive as you can operate more efficiently and effectively, it really is hard to see why you should not invest in field service management software.

    With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more field service businesses are investing in field service management software to stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace and economic landscape.

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