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The Klipboard Field Service Glossary

This Glossary will help you keep on top of trendy new buzzwords, commonly used jargon and introduce you to some new technology that will benefit your business.

This list will help you better understand terms you’ll come across and give you some ideas on how to grow your business.

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Construction Service Software
When Construction businesses need to have complete visibility of the projects they are working on and the allocation of resources, they use Construction Service Software. Construction businesses can use drag and drop scheduling to place their team where they need to be.


Construction Service Software will allow them to attach notes, photos and diagrams, that means their team will arrive on site with all the information they need.

Contact Centre
A Contact Centre or Call Centre is a centralised office or group or people whose primary responsibility is to manage a large volume of phone enquiries. Traditionally these were set up to manage inbound calls, however software is changing how people interact with businesses and services and a shift to online support is becoming more common.

Expectations of customers are shifting towards online communication and app updates, this puts less pressure on Contact Centres to handle large volumes of calls however there is an expectation from customers to get an immediate response.

Contract Leakage
The difference between what revenue was expected from the agreed contract and what was actually achieved after delivery is the Contract Leakage. The most common cause of Contract Leakage in Field Service is invoicing errors, price adjustments in materials from the point of quoting and then delivery, non-compliant work, delivery or standards failure.

Field Service businesses can avoid these most common reasons for Contract Leakage by ensuring their quoting and invoicing systems are linked to their Job Management Software, ensuring no delays or mistakes in data entry. Non-compliant work can be avoided when consistency is built into the process with workflow forms.

CP12 Certificates
To let a property a Gas Safe Registered Engineers needs to make an inspection and product a CP12 Certificate. This ensures the property is safe and all tenants are protected against harmful gases such as Carbon Monoxide and equipment such as the boiler is in good condition.

Once the engineer has made their inspection and ensured everything is safe they can issue a CP12 certificate which is a legal requirement in the UK. Other countries have their equivalent  certifications. To read more on CP12 certificates and how can produce them check our article. Learn more.

Customer Churn
Customer churn is the rate at which a business fails to retain their customers. Businesses with high churn rates typically haven't established the value of their service.

In Field Service customer churn is relevant to those on retained services for scheduled maintenance. Contracts that include planned preventative schedules for asset management are at risk of churn if service levels drop.

Customer Support
Customer support is the range of services to help customers make the most of the product or services they have purchased. These activities include training programmes, troubleshooting and support when updates or upgrades are made to the product or service.

We're very proud of the Customer Support we offer the businesses who use Klipboard. In order to make sure our customers get the most out of their Job Management Software we help them identify what features will have the biggest impact on their business and ensure they are set up from day 1 to get the most out of the software.

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