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The Klipboard Field Service Glossary

This Glossary will help you keep on top of trendy new buzzwords, commonly used jargon and introduce you to some new technology that will benefit your business.

This list will help you better understand terms you’ll come across and give you some ideas on how to grow your business.

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Access Control
Access Control is a security measure put in place to ensure the correct people gain access to locations with selective permission based restrictions. If you’ve ever used a key card to pass through a gate, you’ve used access control. Security Installers often design and install this equipment which can be controlled on site or off site through a network.

Asset Management
Physical Asset Management is the process engineers and technicians use to ensure their client's assets are working to peak performance. Effective Asset Management avoids unexpected breakdowns leading to downtime.

Today, it's vital that the office and the team on site can share information in real-time. That's why Field Service businesses use Asset Management Software to see the service history and parts availability for their clients.

Attach Rate
The percentage or ratio of service contracts sold at the point of a transaction is referred to as the Attach Rate. These present themselves as the best opportunities for business to sell value added services.

The customer or client is already engaging with your business and is likely to be receptive to additional services such as ongoing service contracts.

When you buy a coffee at your favourite stop, the frequency you buy an additional croissant or bacon roll would be the Attach Rate ratio. Learn More.

Automated Dispatch Software
Automated Dispatch Software automates the movement of people, goods and services. It allows a Field Service business to set up conditions to activate the dispatch to their clients. For example, this could be time based for regularly used products or inspections or be initiated on certain stock levels.

Automating this process removes the risk of human error such as forgetting an appointment or the restock of an item. Automated Dispatch software also reduces the amount of paper based admin, which is difficult to manage and leaves your business open to risks such as misplacing paperwork.

Automated Service Reminders
These are Automated Communications to your client reminding them of an upcoming service or inspection. This is a great way to ensure you never miss a service and your client's assets remain in top condition.

It's an added value service offering that Field Service Businesses can offer their clients.

With Klipboard you can set up Automated Service Reminders and make them personalised for each client. They run in the background so you don't need to remember to send emails or SMS messages out to the client.

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