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This Glossary will help you keep on top of trendy new buzzwords, commonly used jargon and introduce you to some new technology that will benefit your business.

This list will help you better understand terms you’ll come across and give you some ideas on how to grow your business.

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The term decarbonisation is used to describe the act of reducing carbon usage. The impact a business has on the environment is very important to a lot of business or any size. Changes in energy usage and initiatives such as Net-Zero targets are helping to reduce carbon and are contributing to making decarbonisation an achievable goal for many businesses.

Delivery Schedules
A delivery schedule is an agreement between a customer and a supplier as to how often a product or service will be delivered. These are put in place to ensure there's no disruption of service, either the customer can continue to provide a product or service to their customers, or the upkeep of their physical assets.


These delivery schedules need to be reviewed periodically to ensure the agreement in place works for both parties, the supplier and the customer.

Depot Repair
Put simply Depot Repair is when repairs take place away from the customer often in a centralised location and then the asset, product, part or item is returned to the customer.


This has many benefits for both the service engineering company and the customer, as it may improve the speed of repair due to the increased availability of spare parts at the centralised location and it could ensure quality control as in many cases there will be separate inspection teams approving the repair.

Dynamic Scheduling Software
Many Field Service businesses will be familiar with scheduling software. Dynamic Scheduling involves the use of smart software making decisions on the allocation of field service team members. The software will take into consideration the availability of team members, the skill sets available and the location of that individual to pick the right person for the job.

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