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Bill of Materials
In engineering, this is sometimes referred to as the Engineering Bill of materials (EBOM), they are used when designing a product or ahead of a repair procedure. These lists contain a full report of the parts and assemblies required to complete the repair or build. The BoM or EBOM normally includes:

  • Level of importance of the part

  • Part number

  • Part number

  • Part name

  • Description

  • Phase of life cycle used

  • Quantity

  • Unit of measure. (millimetres, inches, meters, ounces)

BioMedical Equipment
Biomedical Equipment primarily is patient healthcare or laboratory equipment used to diagnose and treat patients. Mostly used in Operating theatres, Hospitals, and A&E wards. Field Service Engineers who service Biomedical Equipment have to ensure the equipment is kept in peak condition so their healthcare clients can offer their patients first rate care and treatment.

These sophisticated pieces of equipment often require regular servicing and rebalancing. Many Field Service businesses who specialise in Medical and Healthcare will ensure their client's assets are put on a Planned Preventative Maintenance Structure (PPM), this ensures that the equipment is maintained at a high performance standard and no services are missed.

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