Reasons Why Manual Data Entry & Data Re-entry Are Bad For Your Business

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    Bad data costs the U.S. over $3 trillion per year. This is one of the key findings from a Havard Business Report which highlighted the staggering scope of the issue experienced by business globally.

    There are traditional ways to reduce the amount of errors, here’s why manual data entry & data re-entry are bad for your business and what you can do about it to avoid costly errors, which hold your business back and waste money.

    The answer to this? An application for efficient data capture in the field – eliminating the need for handwritten documents and minimising the incorrect recording of valuable information. The application needed in a business to solve these issues?

    Klipboard, and here’s how.


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    Manual data entry and re-entry is a slow process and leaves room for error.

    Capturing data in the field, whether it be for an assessment, survey, register or report can be a lengthy, slow process and can often take several minutes, hours or days to complete, depending on the size of the task. With the average typing speed of around 40 words per minute, this can lead to a lengthy, inaccurate process when re-entering data onto another system from paper based methods. This then doubles the time it takes to capture necessary data.

    Klipboard eradicates these paper based methods, creating the ability to enter data through the tablet application. Features of Klipboard, such as toggles and accordions, prompt the user for the correct information enabling quick, easy, accurate data capture.

    Manual Data Entry


    Manual data entry and re-entry is expensive.

    Data entry can be costly, by using an intuitive easy to use mobile application, you can eradicate the need for staff to manually enter simple data from paper based methods into a system which requires extensive training. Harnessing the power of mobility frees up their time and increases productivity in other tasks within your company. An incorrect record or a lost document due to inefficient data capture can also result in unnecessary costs to your business.

    Klipboard can save you time and money through the eradication of manual data capture in the field by using a tablet based application and cloud storage, thus minimising administration costs.

    Manual data entry


    Manual data entry and re-entry can create inaccurate data.

    No matter the level of experience or education of a staff member, manual data entry runs the risk of errors occurring. As a business, you rely on important information for a variety of reasons, from maintaining safety and compliance, inventories and making predictions for the future of your company. A few typos, misspelled data and incorrect interpretations of data re-entry could all be extremely costly to your business.

    Klipboard minimises the chances of this happening, by creating efficient data entry through an intuitive user interface and in-built user prompts. Data captured can then be synced and stored securely in the cloud. This ensures the capture of accurate information and reduces the risk of errors occurring through re-entry.

    For more ways to automate more of what you do, save money and grow your business – check out our guide to getting it right

    Manual data entry


    Manual data entry and re-entry can disengage the employee.

    The entry and re-entry of data can be a slow, laborious process as outlined above. This is especially true when using paper based methods and old legacy systems with poor user experience. The employee can often become disengaged and unable to focus fully on the task in hand, where inputting repetitive, monotonous data or fighting with an old clunky system.

    Klipboard helps to make your employees more engaged, productive and satisfied with their working day. Delivering a superior user experience and giving employees mobility features at their fingertips anytime, anywhere.

    Employee engagement is vitally important for retaining staff and has a significant impact on the performance of your business. Engaged employee also have 53% fewer missed days due to health issues.

    To see for yourself how Klipboard could help your business and your employees, speak to a member of our team to get a free trial today.

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