Introducing a Super Charged & More Intuitive Mobile Form Builder! 

18 February 2020. Posted by Draven McConville

Ok, so you are aware we recently released “Form Groups” only a couple of weeks ago (more detail on that here), but why stop with that, right?! We did say 2020 would be a big year for feature updates!

The beating heart 💓 of Klipboard and what makes us unique in field service management is the ability to create any type of custom mobile workflow form on our software. We know our customers love it as it gives them the ability to create forms and allow their team to capture any type of data in the field. Combined with our PDF Designer, that data gets outputted using some wizardry onto their own personally designed PDF template.

Great we hear you say! Well that’s what we think too but we don’t like to rest on our laurels. To stay at the forefront we thought we would give some TLC to our mobile form building tool…

Introducing a Super Charged & More Intuitive Mobile Form Builder!

No we didn’t go to outer space or to the team at NASA to help us but we definitely are bringing you the latest in technology! The new Mobile Form Builder on your Klipboard account will shortly be transforming into “Drag & Drop” functionality along with a number of other exciting features.

The new functionality will allow you to create your mobile forms with ease and most importantly at speed. A range of new components such as Date, Time and Number selectors will be added, therefore making it easier for your team to capture that format of data in the field.

In addition to the new Drag and Drop functionality, we are introducing a “Mobile Device Preview”, enabling you to see at a glance how the form will appear on a mobile device for your team completing jobs. As always you will be able to continue to design your own personalised PDF output of your form data using our PDF Designer.