Case Study – How Retail Can Benefit From Klipboard

5 August 2015. Posted by Draven McConville

Regardless of a company’s size, experience and expertise, paper based methods within an organisation can inhibit the efficiency and productivity of the business. Creating a more streamline way to work, Klipboard enables retailers to efficiently and accurately carry out work in-store and allows for data capture that is securely stored and accessible anywhere, anytime.

Klipboard provides a solution for retailers, for processes such as in-store audits, health and safety checks, promotional merchandise checks, cleaning checks and or any that you require. It creates a standardised language and data collection process, along with accurate data capture functionality in real time.

The use of Klipboard to eliminate cumbersome, paper based methods not only reduces time spent on in-store processes, but reduces the risk of administrational errors. By increasing the productivity of procedures and minimising time spent completing and filing lengthy forms, employees time can be better spent engaging with customers and managing the business. Klipboard has an intuitive interface, which allows employees to utilise the mobile application with little to no training ensuring large retailers with many stores can deploy Klipboard easily.

Paper based methods are transformed into rapid, cost effective processes which are mobile and compatible with many types of tasks within the retail industry. Captured data, for example from an in-store audit, is securely synced and stored in the cloud, allowing Head Office and management to be able to access relevant data which is standardised and delivered in real time. This eliminates the need to collate and organise extensive data sets and also means that issues can be be resolved and actions taken without delays.

Klipboard can help to create a change in work culture, to create a vibrant, efficient environment and enhance the working day in the field. It also allows a business to develop, growing with it and giving your organisation the flexibility to add, edit and change as user and business needs evolve.

Whether you are retail or otherwise, find out how your business could be transformed by Klipboard, contact a member of our Klipboard team today.