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How Can Enterprise Mobility Help You?

Businesses of all types have to collect and share data in one way or another, as well as organise their business processes and manage employees in the field.


Introducing Calendar Job Scheduling & PDF Designer

We’re thrilled to announce brand new enhancements to Klipboard that further delivers improved productivity and efficiency for your business. Next time you log in on the Klipboard iPad app, you’ll see a brand new user experience in where we’ve completely redesigned how your tasks are viewed.


The True Cost Of Paper To Your Business

Most businesses are not truly aware of the cost of paper and the associated processes. The following stats will come as a surprise to most and will make you think twice about continuing with paper based processes.


How Construction Companies Can Embrace The Power Of Mobile Technology

‘Why fix it if it ain’t broke?’ It is no surprise that a company in an industry such as construction, where traditional methods have been implemented for years and years, are resistant to change.


Our ‘Say Hello To Klipboard’ Event

Klipboard invited guests to join us for an exclusive event at a historic paper mill in central London on the 4th November 2015 to say goodbye to paper and hello to Klipboard!


The Importance Of Mobile Applications For Electricians & Plumbers

In order to stay afloat and up to date in their fast paced, evolving fields, electricians and plumbers must understand and embrace mobile technologies.

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Win A Hot Air Balloon Ride, iPad Mini & Klipboard Trial With A #MyWorkplaceSelfie!

Klipboard has launched an exciting competition in which you have the opportunity to soar up into the clouds on a fantastic hot air balloon ride, along with an iPad mini to capture the amazing moment!


The Power Of The Mobile Enterprise In The Workplace

In recent years, organisations have had to adapt the way they manage and operate in response to a dramatic shift in technology, expanse of competition and the force of globalisation. This has defined the way in which businesses function and finding new ways to improve business productivity, flexibility and efficiency are no longer additional benefits to have, but are essential to the success of the business in the future.


Reasons Why Manual Data Entry & Data Re-entry Are Bad For Your Business

We are human and humans can make mistakes. Here’s why manual data entry & data re-entry are bad for your business.