New Year, New Features. 2018

11 January 2018. Posted by Draven McConville

The end of 2017 was an exciting time for Klipboard as we introduced many new features to our platform. A fresh new year means some fresh new features to the Klipboard platform and we go into 2018 bigger and better than ever before! Below is a list of updates launched this month and new features planned for release in February.

  • User Email Notification of a Task Assigned
    An automated email notification can now be set for each user which will alert them to a new Task that has been assigned to them.
  • Customer Communication
    A new section within “Settings” allowing you to setup automated follow up emails with a 3rd party link for a feedback survey. For more information please see our Help Center article
  • Customer Reminders
    Your customers can now get an automated Calendar invite once you have Scheduled Tasks for their account therefore streamlining communication with your customer. For more information please see our Help Center article
  • Updates to Task Grid We have added auto archiving and improvements to search functionality via date range selection within the Task Grids. Task Grids will now only show the last 30 days of Tasks unless you increase the date range. This means that the loading of Tasks, etc is much faster for you.
  • Export To Excel on Task GridsThis new functionality allows you to export an Excel file of the data that is viewable on the Task Grid. Need to know how many jobs you have completed for a customer during a certain period? No problem, just filter the Task Grid and then simply click “Export to Excel” button for a quick report.

Coming soon in February 2018

New & Improved iPad App

We are making a major User Interface and infrastructure update to the iPad app. Our plan is to replace the existing iPad app by making our recently released iPhone app a Universal iOS app.

In simple terms this means the new iPad app will have the same new User Interface, User Experience and infrastructure as the iPhone app but will be fully optimised for the larger screen size of iPads.

The reason for this update is to provide our iPad app users with the many benefits of the latest technology our iPhone app users enjoy. It also reduces overall development time and allows us to ship features more quickly as we’re no longer in the device-priority mindset. Our customers will now get features shipped to the iPhone and iPad apps at exactly the same time. We’re also much better prepared for future iOS device sizes.

We will be updating you more on this major update over the next few weeks, detailing how you will be able to avail of the new iPad app.

Other planned releases next month

  • User Device Management
  • Update to Task PDF File Naming
  • Bulk PDF Download of Completed Tasks

I hope you find these updates valuable and if you have any feedback please let us know.


Team Klipboard