Klipboard App Released for Android

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  • Last week, we launched the iPhone app for Klipboard, giving teams with field workers all they need to complete jobs in the field.

    We understand, however, that there is a silent war between iOS and Android users and we know that those using Android may have felt sad and lonely at being left out when we announced our iPhone app. Luckily, our engineers have worked their socks off again to bring the Android version, which is now available from the Google Play Store here.

    We have neatly packed all the same features into the app, ensuring that all of the same features of the iOS version have been included, ensuring Android users have everything at their fingertips to complete their jobs.


    All in Proportion, No Matter What Android Smartphone is Used.

    The choice of Android smartphones is vast, so we worked extremely hard to make sure the user interface is as slick on the larger Android screens as it is on the smaller screens. Not only is the design beautiful but it operates seamlessly, ensuring all those features are only a few taps away.

    Viewing and capturing data out in the field through the new Klipboard Android app is fast. The use of mobile friendly text fields, drop down selections, toggles, image and signature capture options, plus more make doing your job simple. Put that pen and paper away, that’s so last century!

    We go right back. 

    We have made sure that the Klipboard Android app will be compatible and will run on Version 4.1 Android (Jellybean). Jellybean only represents 7.6% of the Android user base, but we didn’t want to leave anybody out – we can’t have anyone feeling left out again!

    Supercharged Android Power.

    Just like our native iOS app, we have gone all native again!  Staying true to the Android operating platform we are able to provide all the supercharged power of Android right into the Klipboard app. Robust, responsive, reliable and offline – all of the great things that are needed to get the job done!


    To find out more about our mobile apps, and how they can help your employees have everything they need to complete jobs in the field, contact us here. We look forward to chatting to you!

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