Customer Success at Klipboard

13 June 2017. Posted by Jessica King-Holford

You may be hearing a lot about the term ‘Customer Success’. When you speak with Mobile Field Service Software providers they will probably mention ‘Success’ and ‘Customer Success Managers’ in their support offering. This article gives you an overview of what Customer Success is all about! 

What is Customer Success?

Customer Success is the role within a company which is focussed on managing the relationship between a vendor and its customers. The idea behind Customer Success is to ensure the customer is as successful as possible with using the software. This in turn improves customer retention ensuring maximum lifetime value for the vendor.  A Customer Success Manager will be responsible for managing the Customer Success function.

What Does it Look Like?

As Customer Success is relatively a new concept in Software, it is changing and it can look a little different from company to company. Customer Success is a really important function particularly in this industry as you move to paperless based methods. Having a designated resource to provide guidance and consultancy to support you managing your own change transformation is a real added value.

To give you an idea of how it works at Klipboard, our Customer Success Manager is the point of contact for our customers. Our Customer Success Manager will manage training and ongoing customer support from initial implementation to beyond.


Klipboard’s Customer Success includes:

On-boarding 1:1 training –  Typically delivered via Webinar but sometimes can be face to face depending on need and location. On-boarding training will involve a full training walk through of the customer’s use case with all main users. The goal with this training is to get the customer up to speed quickly so they can start using the software right away, maximizing return on investment. Our customers find that moving to a paperless environment with Klipboard is quicker than expected. Klipboard essentially turns paper forms into digital versions and automates most of the workflows.

Planned Quarterly reviews – This involves scheduled reviews every quarter to understand how the customer is getting on with the software and to identify any issues which are inhibiting effective use. Customers sometimes phase their software implementation over a number of months and planned quarterly reviews are a good way to check in and discuss how best to scale out implementation across the company.

Webinars and Ongoing Support – Community Webinars led by the Customer Success Manager are for existing customers to have the opportunity to hear more about Klipboard developments and to ask any questions. Webinars are an effective way to to keep everyone up to date with current and future functionality as Klipboard continues to grow.

Feedback – Customers need to have a voice in the development of a product. We document feedback and any feature requests and discuss them at our monthly management meetings to make sure our product is as reflective as possible. For example, our latest feature update ‘Quotes and Invoices’ was the direct result of our conversations with our customers.

Customer Success Vs Technical Support

Technical Support involves resolving technical issues which may happen. At Klipboard our Technical Support is UK based and is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm via email, live chat and telephone. In addition we also have a Help Center of support resources such as useful articles and video tutorials. Customer Success includes all of this but also goes beyond and focusses on ensuring the customer gets full benefit out of the software. Customer Success will proactively have full visibility with all technical aspects of a customer’s journey and will be the point of contact to address any concerns. Again, Customer Success is about making sure the customer is successful.

Customer’s Success = Vendor’s Success

If a customer is happy and is getting full use out of a product, in other words having ‘success’, this will have positive benefit for the vendor. The best vendors are the ones that greatly value their customers. Having long term customers not only generates more revenue for the vendor but the product inevitably improves as the vendor has successfully evolved the product to meet their customer’s needs over time. This is why Klipboard have formalised Customer Success in our structure and in our culture. When looking for a vendor make sure you are confident that they see your success as their success.


If you would like to find out more about Klipboard’s Customer Success team, contact us here.