Pros and Cons of switching from your old in-house Field Service Software to Cloud-based

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  • As your business grows you’re going to put a strain on your in-house field service software, now might be the time you’re considering an upgrade to a cloud-based platform.

    Before you take the leap into a new way of handling your client’s data and your team’s day-to-day processes, it’s worth understanding the pros and cons of both in-house and cloud-based software.

    Choosing to keep your field service software in-house

    The traditional way of hosting your client information was with in-house servers. It’s worked well for years and it gives businesses more control over their own infrastructure. However, much like everything in tech, time moves on and things change. So is it worth upgrading your current in-house system?

    Here are the pros and cons of keeping your software in-house:


    • You have physical control of your own infrastructure and the software application therefore giving you more management ability.
    • A system tailored to your exact organisational needs, like a bespoke suit, you don’t have to try to fit into an off-the-shelf product.
    • The storage and upkeep are all in your hands, you choose when you want to make changes or upgrades.


    • Initially, the capital required to invest can be very expensive due to infrastructure setup and deployment.
    • Dedicated internal IT support is a requirement and each in-house system is built differently so the occasional outsourced support won’t always understand how your system works.
    • In-house systems are more susceptible to downtime and data loss as they don’t reside on a network that is benefiting from continual security upgrades.
    • The security and management of your client’s data rests with you along with the procedures required for data compliance.
    • Ongoing maintenance and updates are costly, technology is moving at a greater pace than ever before. Therefore ensuring you stay at the forefront will require you to invest substantial financial and human resources towards your in-house software, something that is not always viable for a small to mid-size business.
    • No guarantees you won’t experience some downtime as it is one server and not a cloud-based system which ensures no unexpected downtime.
    • At the risk of fire and flood as your server may be located in premises not built specifically for housing server infrastructure.

    In short, in-house is always an option, particularly if you value having something tailor-made for your business. However, the costs certainly outweigh that benefit and leaves you at the mercy of having to upgrade as your business needs change and technology moves on.

    Moving your field service software into the cloud

    Cloud-based systems are fast becoming the new standard. By design, cloud-based systems are always online and the rollout of high-speed internet across the world, even in the most remote of locations is a key driver of cloud computing growth.

    It’s a market that’s expected to reach $287 billion in value by 2025.

    However, much like anything, there are pros and cons to every system. Here’s what to consider if you’re considering upgrading your field service software to the cloud:


    • Reduced capital investment required as typically a subscription payment model.
    • Fast deployment and setup, usually achievable in minutes.
    • As the needs of your business change and your storage requirements expand it’s simple to grow with cloud-based systems.
    • Data is backed up multiple times ensuring data losses are a thing of the past.
    • Data security and maintenance are handled as part of your subscription therefore removing the need for you to manage the avoidance of those data security nightmares.
    • The perfect option for businesses that need to work in real-time and share information across different locations.


    • Costs could potentially rise as your storage requirements rise, depending on the subscription model of the company however those costs tend to be lower than for in-house systems as the server will need to be upgraded for more storage which tends to be more expensive.
    • You don’t have physical control of your own infrastructure therefore you can not determine any changes or upgrades.
    • The software application will not be tailored to your exact needs and you will have to fit into an off-the-shelf product’s processes.

    Cloud-based is the future of software delivery, what it lacks in made-to-measure tailoring for businesses, it more than makes up for in features, the potential for future upgrades and your return on investment.

    What Klipboard can offer you

    Klipboard is a cloud-based system. Our field service customers see these as the most important aspects of our offering::

    1. Fast deployment and easy to setup
    2. No technical knowledge or the requirement for people to manage servers
    3. Access to the latest technology and continuous feature updates
    4. Instant access to their data from anywhere on any device

    There are obviously a lot more benefits to using a cloud-based field service software provider than that, but it’s those reasons in particular that benefit Klipboard customers.

    Whatever the size of your business, we provide a service that perfectly matches your particular industry and the software is adaptable enough to match your requirements.

    • Real-time visibility of job management, team scheduling and tools for financial management allowing you to do more and get paid faster.
    • Custom-made forms you can create your team to complete in the field – no paper forms!
    • Automated Uber-like communications.
    • Asset Management simplified and automated service reminders for your clients.
    • Branded and personalised client portal.

    What this means to a business like yours

    Switching to a system that allows you to have all your data in one place, is instantly available and consistent across all teams, has ‘oodles of benefits’. That’s the view of Zoe from Blackdown Dental, just one of many Klipboard customers who benefit from using our cloud-based system.


    How to get started

    Switching software providers for some is a chore, at Klipboard we make it simple.

    You’ll start a FREE TRIAL and immediately have access to Klipboard. In no time at all, you’ll be booking new jobs, scheduling your team and even creating quotes and invoices for your customers.

    Should you need us there’s excellent support on hand to help you settle into your new cloud-based field service software.

    Click here to start your Free Trial with Klipboard

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