Latest Insights

Trade Talk

Get knowledge, inspiration and insight for operating your field service business better.

Client Portal

Enhance customer experience and reduce your operational admin, give your customer’s a 24/7 self serve portal & a real time view on their jobs.

Asset Servicing Reminders

Klipboard allows you to automatically record when your customer’s assets are due a service. Our automated servicing reminders sends out service reminders to your customers without you having to do anything.

Communications & Customer Experience

Keep your customers informed with automated customer communication features for job visit reminders, follow ups and feedback.

Branded Customer Forms

Send professional looking, customer forms and digital reports directly from Klipboard. Have the ability to design and brand these reports exactly as you want

Professional Customer Quotes

Send professional looking quotes and track their status. Once approved by your customer, instantly convert a quote into a new job with all details stored with that job until it is ready to Invoice