What’s the best Security Alarm Installer Software for you?

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  • It’s a challenge to keep on top of your security alarm installation job schedule. Managing your team will also handling the admin invoiced in raising quotes, purchase orders and sending invoices is time consuming.

    That’s why many Security Equipment Installation and Maintenance business owners are looking towards Security Alarm Installer Software to answer the question – “How can I stop wasting so much time each week on admin?”


    What is Security Alarm Installer Software?

    Running an efficient Security equipment installation business means you’ve got to find an efficient way of dispatching jobs to your field teams while reducing your back office admin, to achieve this many use Security Alarm Installer Software.

    Job Management Software has been around for some time and the benefits are being felt across multiple Field Service industries. However, the security installer industry has a lot to gain because of the need for regular routine inspections and responsive call outs from customers.

    Security Alarm Installer Software modernises a business by removing the need for paper forms that can be damaged or lost, with digital forms. Run a more streamlined and better connected business by replacing endless spreadsheets and emails with a single platform with all your customer data.



    Security Alarm Installer Software


    What’s the best Security Alarm Installer Software for your business?

    There’s plenty of choice available to you when you’re looking for Security Alarm Installer Software. How do you find the best option for you?


    Start your search by reviewing your needs

    Ideally your Security Alarm Installer Software needs to align how you currently work. It will effectively digitalise or create more efficient processes of tasks you are currently performing such as:

    • Completing paperwork on site
    • Raising quotes and invoices
    • Producing reports for customers


    Those are the basic functions of your business but looking beyond those activities will help you choose what Security Alarm Installer Software is right for you.

    Additional features to consider based on your day to day could include:



    Upcoming services


    Asset Management Tools

    If you need your team to have an accurate and instant detailed picture of your customers assets then Asset Management is a feature you need to consider.

    Asset Management Tools allow you to upload details of security installs to a shared database, assigned to a customer with supporting information such as the manufacturer, model, serial numbers, location and photos taken onsite.

    This allows you and your team to gain greater insight on the condition of your customers’ assets, their service history and visibility of planned maintenance schedules.

    Make sure you find a Security Alarm Installer Software that has an extensive and easy to use Asset Management Tool, ask for a demo from their team and see the function for yourself.



    Client Portal



    Client Portals

    A Client Portal can go a long way towards enhancing your customers experience when using your security equipment installation and maintenance services. 

    Think of a Client Portal as a self-service portal that allows you to share with your customers all of the jobs you have with them, their asset details, service dates, and even raise work requests directly from the portal.

    This solves a big issue for Security Installers which is managing all your phone calls and emails. The volume of inbound communications you get stops you from concentrating on the activities that will add value to your business.

    A Client Portal is an effective solution to this problem but not all Security Alarm Installer Software providers offer this feature.


    SMS and Email Notifications


    Automated Customer Communication

    Keeping on top of service dates is a continual challenge for Security Installation businesses. Missing a planned service or inspection date can harm your business, your customer can lose faith in your ability to keep their security equipment in an effective state. Missing a service could leave you in a tricky situation should an incident occur so it’s best to put in place measures to avoid this situation.

    Automated Customer Communications allows you to continue to focus on your customer’s jobs while the Security Alarm Installer Software informs your customers when they have an asset that has an upcoming service date. This prompts them to book a service date with you or directs them to their Client Portal. 

    Your Security Alarm Installer Software should allow you to easily set up. When you’re having a demo of the system ask them to show how you create and amend these automated communications.


    Frequently asked questions about Security Alarm Installer Software

    How will Job Management Software benefit my Security Installer business?

    With Security Alarm Installer Software you’ll spend less time with your admin and more time on the things that matter most to you. 

    When you use a single, all-in-one Job Management Platform you can reduce the amount of hours you spend typing up notes for reports, bundling together job information to send to your team and streamline your quoting and invoicing processes.


    How do my team in the field access this software?

    Your team in the field us a Job Management App that is downloaded to their smartphone or tablet. This Cloud based technology allows your team to share the same information and ensure everyone is on the same page. 

    When the work is done and they have completed their digital forms, they can sync their app and the team in the office has all the information they need to produce PDF reports or raise an invoice.


    Does it matter what devices they use?

    This depends on the provider of your Security Alarm Installer Software. 

    Some providers such as Klipboard allow you to use iPhones or Android devices so you’re covered regardless of the make of the device. 

    This is particular useful when you can’t guarantee which device your team will use and means you don’t have to replace phones or tablets to ensure they have a compatible device.


    Can I easily see a list of upcoming jobs?

    Security Alarm Installer Software that includes Dashboards allows you to see all your client jobs at a glance.

    This empowers you to plan for the days and weeks ahead or make sure you have enough inventory in your system to carry out the work.

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