The Importance Of Mobile Applications For Electricians & Plumbers

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  • In order to stay afloat and up to date in their fast paced, evolving fields, electricians and plumbers must understand and embrace mobile technologies. The increase and evolution of renewable energy technologies such as energy efficient water heaters, building automation control systems and smart HVAC systems along with newly emerging systems, are complex to install, maintain and repair and therefore require good knowledge and understanding of the technologies that drive them.

    This means that technicians can no longer rely on their initial training for traditional methods, they have to continually expand their knowledge and skills to keep up with the industry and stay ahead of the game. Many electricians and plumbers are learning about these new technologies as they go, turning to tools like mobile devices and applications to put information at their fingertips and gain an edge in this competitive marketplace.

    Mobile applications such as Klipboard, take less time to set up and implement than complicated technologies and require less training, as workers are used to using similar applications in their personal lives, on a day to day basis. Klipboard, in fact, can be up and running within 15 minutes and with little to no training involved as the application is intuitive and user friendly. Mobile apps aren’t just a great way to access information, they allow you to gather information too. Klipboard enables the user in the field to capture data and send back to the office in real time, as well as access to ancillary documents such as user manuals or any information which may assist with the job in hand.

    If you run an electrical or plumbing business, you will know that fast track projects are becoming more common and timelines are tight. Accelerated timelines, mean that everything about your business has to be as efficient and as streamline as possible. Any minor setbacks can cause a project timeline and budget to run over and this can have serious consequences. You need to make sure your business is as effective as possible by doing all you can to ease the processes!  Here are a few ways to do so:

    – Paper based forms can be prone to errors and are time consuming due to the data re-entry process once back in the office. Using Klipboard to replace paper based forms saves time as you no longer have to deal with filing and organisation of paper, as well as eliminating lost or damaged data.

    – Project management is crucial, the right software must be used to enable your team to stay on top of all tasks from work orders to safety regulations. There are several project management software tools that are on the market but often are difficult to get up and running or that come with many unnecessary features. These will only cause frustration and will slow down, not enhance the user experience. Klipboard helps manage your field based staff, allowing you to assign user roles and tasks accordingly, helping run each project in an efficient, effective manner.

    – Klipboard enables you not only to capture data and information in the field, but manage and coordinate how you work together as a team. It allows for communication between the workers in the office and those in the field or on the move in the workplace.

    There are many features of Klipboard which can enable an electrician or plumbing business to thrive in these ever changing, fast paced industries – from location mapping, image and signature capture to offline access and notification messaging.

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