The Benefits Of Using Mobility Apps In Facilities Management

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  • The employees of Facilities Management and Maintenance companies work at client sites, away from the direct supervision of managers. Managing staff is never easy, but when you are supervising a team remotely, the challenges become ten fold. Facilities managers need to keep up with the demands of the changing workplace, particularly streamlining and overseeing daily activities. Maintaining an optimum level of productivity and efficiency is important to ensure the operations and processes within a business run smoothly.

    Businesses in all industries have become to rely heavily on mobile phones and tablets for simple business processes, such as making and taking calls, scheduling meetings and appointments and messaging notifications. Websites have started to be used to help out business processes, however, there are still limitations which can create issues within a fast paced industry such as Facilities Management. The use of mobile applications is becoming increasingly popular to assist FM companies in completing jobs in a more efficient and effective manner. Companies of all sizes can see valuable effects of these mobility applications, from being able to access information that is usually impossible in the field, to sending notifications, location mapping and scheduling tasks to name just a few.

    Klipboard’s Mobility platform enables a FM company to design and build any type of form on the web based dashboard – such as building inspection checklists, health and safety, physical facilities and risk management reports. These can then be allocated to staff in the field using the tablet app. Tasks can be sent scheduled or unscheduled including all relevant workflows, client details, directions, notes and any associated PDF documents such as floor plans, installation guides, or any type of document that is required to complete the task.

    From the comprehensive administration dashboard, task progress can be tracked and notifications sent in order for management to monitor and stay on top of employee’s work. The platform reduces the risk of human error when entering data, lost or damaged forms and reports by utilising the secure cloud storage and comprehensive management features on the web admin dashboard. Users can work offline, be reassigned or removed from a task to ensure ease of management, along with stringent security and protection of data.

    Through the use of Enterprise Mobility, FM companies are reaping the rewards, saving time and money, as well as enhancing their business productivity and efficiency. The use of enterprise apps is fast becoming the best way to improve your business and stay ahead of the crowd.


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