How Healthcare Companies Can Use Mobility Apps To Stay Ahead

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  • The healthcare industry has some of the most advanced technology, machines and equipment which enable businesses to keep up with the latest patient and client requirements. Companies within this industry have begun to embrace the power of mobility to enhance and improve their processes.

    More and more businesses in these industries have begun to make changes such as transforming paper methods to mobile digital formats. Research has shown the importance of accessibility and ease that mobile can provide for both healthcare practitioners and their patients or customers. 80% of physicians have been shown to use smartphone and medical apps and 85% of the public use social media for health related purposes.*

    In time, the use of mobile will become essential in the delivery of customer service. Klipboard is currently being used within the healthcare industry to help businesses manage their staff and create a quick and efficient way of completing important forms such as daily checklists, CQC audits, consent and medical history forms. Klipboard allows for bespoke workflows to be digitally designed and allocated to a user where data can be input and images and signatures captured. Formatted PDF’s are created at the end of the task and stored in the cloud, removing any issues of manual filing and allowing a business and their staff to focus their time on improving the services they provide.

    Klipboard eradicates the need for costly, lengthy paper based methods, and saves a healthcare business time and money, easing processes and making the company more efficient and productive in order to keep up with the fast paced, ever changing environment.

    Some of the main benefits of using Klipboard in your industry are:

    • Design and build any type of workflow forms or reports such as daily checklists, CQC audits, consent and medical history forms etc using the intuitive Workflow Generator and PDF Designer
    • Allocate tasks from the web admin dashboard and send to the tablet app for completion. Tasks can be sent scheduled or unscheduled and can be reallocated and removed where necessary for stringent security
    • Digitally capture text, images, signatures and store the information on our secure cloud platform – no more paper forms needed or the hassle of manual filing!
    • Improve compliance by eliminating the risk of forms being lost, damaged or destroyed through our digital format and comprehensive management features on the web admin dashboard
    • Save time and space by eradicating the need for paper based form filling and data re-entry, unlimited storage available.
    • Streamline and organise processes to collect data in an efficient way to fit your needs

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