How Construction Companies Can Embrace The Power Of Technology

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  • ‘Why fix it if it ain’t broke?’ It is no surprise that a company in an industry such as construction, where traditional methods have been implemented for years and years, are resistant to change. It makes sense to stick with what you know, unless there is good reason to update and keep up to speed with the ever changing world that we live in. It is extremely important for businesses in the construction sector to stay up to date with advances in technology, in order to remain competitive within the marketplace.

    The use of technology has several advantages for a business whatever the size and tools are emerging on the market to allow them to keep up to date with others. These include cloud based systems and mobile applications which allow companies to complete projects and tasks in quicker, better and more cost effective ways. Klipboard is the perfect platform to enhance your workers performance and overall company processes.

    Below are some tips to help you realise the benefits and help you embrace the power of technology within your business and will help you to overcome and worries or concerns you have around this:

    Your priority is to construct and build solid, safe structures in the most timely and cost efficient manner. Klipboard can help facilitate this by allowing your workers in the field to be allocated tasks and workflows, quickly and accurately capture data, receive associated, capture images, all on our mobile tablet app – allowing information to be passed between head office and the field in real time and vice versa. This allows you and your team to stay on top of your responsibilities and conduct routine tasks on a day to day basis. The tablet can be used to aid all processes from project management and coordination to timesheets, delivery tracking and safety checks. Klipboard not only benefits those working on site or in the field, but also those in the office, by eradicating the need for time consuming re-entry of data, sales professionals focused on winning new business and your customers. The advantages extend to every phase of your operation from the first pitch and estimation to your compliance with regulations and completion of tasks.

    Traditional paper based methods such as from and filing systems really cannot compare. With Klipboard, your team can communicate and share information in real time, you can track projects tasks, identify problems and interact when necessary. All of this cuts costs and boosts productivity while enhancing user experience, both for your employees and your customers.

    Old habits do die hard, however, more and more companies in industries with traditional methods are starting to recognise that mobile technology offers big benefits which really cannot be overlooked.

    To find out more about the features of Klipboard that can help your business grow – contact the team here.

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