How Can Enterprise Mobility Help You?

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  • Businesses of all types have to collect and share data in one way or another, as well as organise their business processes and manage employees in the field. There are millions of these processes happening each day – some at the forefront, which you can see (such as a consent form which you sign or an invoice which you are presented at the end of a job) and some behind the scenes which are hidden from view (such as a health and safety checklist or site inspection). The methods used for these processes are often time consuming and costly and many businesses are turning to Enterprise Mobility to aid the way in which procedures are carried out and improve their efficiency.

    Enterprise mobility, the use of mobile and cloud technologies have begun to revolutionise the way in which these businesses work, for the collection, storage and sharing of information in a secure, productive and efficient way. Companies are able to streamline their processes and transform their work with these mobile applications and are beginning to realise the potential these apps have. The most forward thinking businesses are building and deploying apps to their workforces faster than ever before and companies of all sizes are shifting from expensive custom built applications, to cloud-based mobile enterprise applications that have a specific use case.

    Klipboard is at the forefront of this shift in cloud based mobility, providing a secure platform in which businesses can collect, store and share data in an efficient and effective way, whilst managing field based employees or those on the move within the workplace. The web dashboard and intuitive tablet app enable a company within any industry with these requirements to increase their productivity and sustainability within this mobile shift.

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