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Trade Talk

Get knowledge, inspiration and insight for operating your field service business better.

Performance & Operations Dashboard

Monitor job activity and business performance in realtime. Our dashboard ensures you have your finger on the pulse of your field service business.

Live GPS & Job Tracking

Track your field team with ease, the live status feed ensures you can see when they are en-route, arrived, started and completed your customer’s jobs. Accurately record field worker’s hours and labour cost through our Timesheets feature.

Planned Preventive Maintenance & Asset Management

Klipboard’s extensive Asset Management capabilities on the web and mobile app allow for asset surveying, asset registering and maintaining of assets on a pre-planned servicing schedule at multiple customer locations.

Job Scheduling & Dispatch Board

Klipboard’s drag and drop Scheduler and Dispatch Board helps your field service business track and optimise the allocation of jobs to your field team.

Team Management & Permissions

Comprehensive Cloud security metrics with the ability to manage and regulate team permissions for web and mobile app team members, allowing you full control over what each team member can do

Client CRM & Supplier Management

At a click of a button you can see Customer Job history, manage their Assets, Documents, Service Records, Contacts, Quotes, Invoices, Billing History Communication Preferences,  Locations, Notes, Activities and more!

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Get Your Field Workers To Where They Need To Be With Our Scheduler & Dispatch Board

Form Builder & PDF Designer

Create and manage mobile workflow forms for jobs requiring assessments, audit reports, maintenance records, inspections, surveys or just about any process you can imagine. No programming or coding required.