5 Asset Management problems solved by Field Service Management Software

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  • Your clients income and company value is directly linked to the condition and reliability of their assets, that’s why there’s so much pressure on field service organisations (FSOs) to keep up with repairs and meet regulations.

    It’s not getting any easier either, equipment is becoming more and more sophisticated and the expectations of an ‘Uber-like’ always on service is putting extra strain on already stretched services.

    Here’s 5 of the most common problems that FSOs face and how field service management software helps simplify the process and easily meet that challenge.

    But first, what does Field Service Management Software do?

    It’s software you can introduce into your field service business that allows you to more effectively allocate your team to your client’s jobs. In most cases it allows for better communication with your client through automated SMS and emails.

    Some field service management (FSM) software also includes asset management tools. This is a must have feature for those who install, repair, maintain and replace their client’s assets.

    That’s a short summary, if you would like some more information on what field service management software can do check out our full article here:

    Now back to the 5 problems experienced in asset management:

    1. Not being able to see a full service history on an asset

    How many of your engineers have to become detectives or forensic specialists when they first arrive on site to complete field service maintenance?

    If your team is spending a considerable amount of their time trying to find clues and hints as to what may be causing a fault in your clients assets and equipment, they aren’t using their time effectively.

    The good news is adopting field service management software is a great way to minimise downtime for your client’s assets. You’ll be able to see exactly when the equipment was last serviced, what parts were used and which engineer last visited.

    2. Avoiding untimely stock shortages

    Your team has arrived on site, identified the fault and presumed the parts needed for the repair were at hand. However, without real time visibility of stock levels you could be mistaken in thinking the parts are at that location or in a particular vehicle.

    With FSM software you can get a real stock count and set the minimum hold quantity, ensuring you are alerted of low stock, allowing you to reorder without the worry of over stocking or running short for a period.

    Field Service Engineers who use Klipboard even have inventory management on their mobile app, allowing them to see their stock even on the go.

    3. You’re unable to supply evidence when suggesting an asset upgrade

    Successful and growing field services businesses know that despite generating revenue on call-outs and maintenance, ultimately it’s trust and relationship building with your client that creates a long lasting growth.

    However, strong your rapport is with your client, suggesting they replace an expensive and business critical piece of equipment can be challenging. Field Service Software allows you to document patterns and identify recurring faults helping you state your case.

    Here’s a great example of how Sarah Betteley from Deva Medical handles exactly that issue by using Klipboard:

    4. Keeping up with compliance and regulatory certifications

    Ensuring your client’s assets comply with ever increasing strict compliance and regulations is an ongoing and constant challenge.

    To meet these requirements, businesses need to have an accurate and easily accessible database, showing asset details and service history. Collecting the information to prepare in-depth reports to meet regulatory compliance is a time-consuming exercise.

    It doesn’t have to be complicated, by using Klipboard you can streamline the process of collecting asset information and impress your client with a custom made report you can email, reassuring them you’re keeping them compliant and avoiding any unnecessary penalties.

    5. Avoiding missed services

    When you use Job Management Software which includes communication tools with your client, you’ll miss fewer services. It’s easy to let dates slip when you don’t have a robust process in place to remind both the field service provider and the client of a due service.

    Good field service management software should include simple scheduling and asset service reminder templates which are quick to set up and customisable enough to match your industry and service frequency.

    Klipboard goes one step further and not only gives the FSO a complete overview of all assets and their due dates, but also informs the client when their engineer is en-route, helping deliver that ‘Uber-like’ always connected experience.

    Spend a little time setting up communication templates for each customer, including details of their assets and how often they are serviced. The time saved in the long run will be huge, not to mention the benefit of delivering a faultless service to your client.

    Try Klipboard

    Klipboard is used by businesses in over 50 countries, we have a customer retention rate of 97% which is far above the B2B software average.

    Unlike many other software providers, we have features specifically designed around Asset Management, helping our customers keep their client’s equipment running, reducing downtime and ensuring they meet compliance.

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