Yes signatures can be captured via the signature panel on the Klipboard mobile or tablet app once a field team member has finished capturing data on a job. Signatures and data are then stored and included in the styled PDF for that particular completed job.

Yes images can be captured via the Klipboard mobile or tablet app and are associated with each particular job.

Existing documents can be uploaded as a PDF to the Document Management area.
These documents can then be attached when creating a job, to be viewed by a team member using the Klipboard mobile app whilst completing a job.

Yes you can use our Workflow Generator to create mobile versions of your existing paper based methods. Watch a video of the Workflow Generator Here

They are stored on the cloud dashboard and belong to the customer of Klipboard. Only your team members granted access to these workflows can view them. Please see our terms detailing full copyright details regarding User Material.

The components you can use to create a workflow include dropdowns, toggles, text entry, accordions, tabs, image capture, signatures and many more! Watch a video of the Workflow Generator Here

Yes – you can have as many workflows as you desire and you can also attached more than one workflow form to a job!

Create or edit and manage mobile workflow forms for jobs requiring assessments, audit reports, maintenance records, inspections, surveys or just about any process you can imagine. No programming or coding required.

Mobile workflow forms are displayed in a mobile friendly manner on the Klipboard mobile app for your field team workers, ensuring they can complete fast and efficiently. Components such as text fields, image and signature capture, dropdown lists, tabs, yes / no toggles and much more makes the capture of data in the field much more efficient.

We appreciate that you may not know if the location your field team worker is visiting has a mobile data connection, that is why we offer full offline access on our mobile app. The Klipboard mobile apps are native mobile apps, not web apps, meaning that you have full access to all features even if you are in a remote location.

Klipboard’s offline ability allows employees to access their jobs, documents, customer assets and workflows for capture of data, images and signatures in the field. All information is stored on the mobile app, until connection is regained and then can be synced back to the office.

This truly unlocks the power of your field team worker and you can count on this to function flawlessly, safe in the knowledge that your data is stored securely, until organised once online.

Yes they can! Jobs can be allocated to multiple field team members who are using the Klipboard mobile app. The selected Team Members on a job will receive it on their mobile app notifying them of the scheduled time and date, overview details, directions and the status ensuring your team knows when and where they have got to be.


Support Team members have no workflow forms or service records to complete, that is managed by the Lead Field Team Member assigned and is leading the management of the job. Our Teams feature is perfect for project work, installations or jobs that simply require multiple people to know where they have to be and what they have to do.

Notifications can be sent from the cloud dashboard to specific or all Klipboard mobile and tablet app team members in the field. This allows cloud dashboard team members in the workplace to be able to contact the mobile or tablet app team members in the field or on the move in the workplace at any given time.


Klipboard Field Service Management Software consists of an Apple or Android mobile / tablet app and online cloud dashboard. The Apple iOS apps are available from the iTunes Store for download, and the Android apps are available from the Google Play Store. The online cloud dashboard is accessed through an internet browser and to login please visit http://app.klipboard.io

When you have signed up to your chosen subscription package, you will receive an automated email with your login credentials. The email will contain your username and a temporary password. Upon first time login to either the mobile app or cloud dashboard you will be prompted to set your own unique password. The same login credentials are used for both the app and the dashboard.

It can be fully installed and ready to use in up to 15 minutes, whether there are 10 or 1000 users. This is due to Klipboard being a Software as a Service platform and harnessing the power of cloud technology. We provide a simple 6 step guide on how to get setup and import your customer data through a range of easy to use and fast data imports.

No! Klipboard field service management software is extremely user friendly. It has been designed from a user centric point of view by a team of highly experienced User Interface Designers with a strong background in B2B software. A superior and unified user experience ensures employees need little or no training.

There is no limit! You can have as many people as you require on your team that need to use the Klipboard mobile / tablet app or web dashboard for your company account as long as each team member has a valid subscription for access. The more subscriptions you have, the greater the saving you make. Check our our price page for more information.

Yes! Klipboard has extensive security and user permission functionality. Whether your team use their own mobile or tablet device, or a company supplied one, your organisation can be safe in the knowledge that the robust security controls available within Klipboard’ Field Service Management Software are there to protect your data. More extensive information on security is available in the Features page.


Klipboard’s field service management software’s cloud infrastructure is built on the Microsoft Azure platform and ensures safe data capture and storage. Azure meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, as well as country-specific standards including Australia IRAP, UK G-Cloud, and Singapore MTCS.

Our cloud dashboard and mobile / tablet app require unique login credentials and passwords are one way hashed to ensure that they cannot be deciphered by third parties or leaked. There is an optional passcode access on the mobile and tablet app as well as an automatic timer lock giving additional layers of security. Klipboard offers the ability to assign permissions to specific mobile and tablet app team members from the cloud dashboard, allowing for full control over what each team member can do.

All of the required data, including that of the workflows, when synced to the Klipboard mobile or tablet app is held in a dedicated app partition ensuring that the data captured is not shared with any other apps on the team member’s device prior to syncing back to the cloud dashboard. Team Member accounts can also be remotely deleted from the cloud dashboard, whether the team member using the mobile app is utilising a company mobile or tablet device, or their own device.

The API developed for the syncing process between the Klipboard mobile or tablet app and cloud dashboard is transmitted in a compressed binary format making deciphering any communications extremely difficult.


Klipboard offers a variety of subscription based plans to fit your needs in your field service business. There are three packages available, Innovator, Professional and Enterprise. For a full breakdown of the packages and what they include, please go to the pricing page.

Klipboard pricing is calculated per person (a subscription) that require access to use the software. Account access cannot be shared across multiple people. There are many elements of functionality connected to each person therefore requiring separate account access to ensure those features operate correctly.

Each plan is designed to help your field service business eradicate manual methods and become paper free for a low cost subscription fee. Please see more details of each pricing plan. If you require any help please do not hesitate to contact our team on +44 (0) 20 3900 2339


Klipboard offers you a Free 14 Day, no obligation trial in which you can use all the functions and really get to know the product before you buy. The trial is designed to suit your business and a dedicated member of the team will offer a demonstration of the platform to help familiarise you fully on the cloud dashboard and mobile / tablet apps before you get going. You can request a free trial here

Klipboard payments are collected by Direct Debit or Credit Card on either a monthly or annual payment schedule which depends on your chosen subscription plan. For organisations with a large number of users, we do support invoice payment.


Easy deployment means you can be up and running in 15 minutes and an intuitive user experience ensures your team needs little or no training. Klipboard has an intuitive interface and has been designed in a similar way to consumer applications therefore creating an experience that many mobile app users should be familiar with. We have offer a range of training services, online help center and instant chat support ensuring we take as much of the effort away from you and the ensure you are spending your valuable time on your business.

Klipboard will grow with your organisation. We offer a comprehensive range of features, many are optional so you can start with what you need and as you grow we can activate other features for you to avail off.

We look after many small businesses that were formally running their field service business using many manual methods and have made the transition. At first they too didn’t think they were ready but they decided to avail of our Free Trial and were able to recognise during that period they would benefit greatly by using the platform. Whether you are a two person team or 200 person team, Klipboard will definitely enhance your field service business operations.

Sign up for a no obligation Free Trial and see for yourself first hand how our field service management software will help you and allow you to focus on the important aspect of growing your business!


You may think you are not ready for the cloud yet, but you are probably already using cloud applications in one way or another, even if you do not think you are! Use Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Office 365? These are cloud apps. Facebook or Twitter? Cloud apps. Dropbox – yes that is a cloud app too, as are online email marketing tools such as constant contact. You are almost guaranteed to be on the cloud already so why not facilitate your field service business with modern cloud based field service management software and join Klipboard!

Great question! Klipboard is easy to deploy and brings immediate results to many field service businesses. Our customers see a substantial return on their investment in Klipboard as it allows them to do more jobs with less resources therefore increasing profit margins.

With Klipboard you are centralising the management of your jobs, customer assets, asset servicing schedules, mobile workflows forms, scheduling, invoicing, billing and customer communication in one easy to use platform. Klipboard reduces the risk of admin errors, enhances operational procedures, improves overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Klipboard is the operating system for the future of field service businesses.

Most bespoke web applications are unable to be used on mobile and if they are, the majority require connection to do so as they are accessed through an internet browser. Klipboard has the benefit of being able to work fully offline, allowing work to occur without an internet connection. It is also built from a mobile first perspective giving a much superior user experience with extensive mobile working features in comparison to legacy web applications adapted to work on mobile.

Also Klipboard is fully maintained and supported for browser updates, iOS app updates, Android app updates, and cloud security updates without you having to do anything. This greatly reduces your time maintaining a system and removes the need to finding the right technical skillsets to do those updates.

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