Why the Klipboard form builder is a game changer for field service

15 February 2021. Posted by Eddie Loughran

Most field service businesses understand the need to modernise their operation. A challenge they have is finding software systems that match how they work in the field.

That’s where Klipboard really helps you succeed.

I’m Eddie and I’m Head of Customer Experience at Klipboard. What really excites me about what Klipboard can do for your business is how flexible the platform is, how it just fits with your business with no compromises.

Klipboard’s form builder allows businesses to replicate everything they would normally need to collect in the field but digitise it and have that information available in real-time whether you’re in the office or in the field.



The form builder is included with Klipboard

Klipboard has a built-in Workflow Form Builder allowing you to digitise your current paper-based or digital forms at no extra cost. It’s part of the Klipboard service at any level of subscription.

Whether you’re a HVAC engineer reviewing planned maintenance at your clients’ sites or a Gas engineer signing off multiple assets across various locations, our form builder is flexible to your business. It works no matter what your work is.

You can control your content

You are able to edit and update your data as you see fit. This allows you to update your forms in just a few minutes so you don’t have to wait on anyone else to update your data.

There’s no limit to the number of forms you can create

You can add as many forms as your company needs and it is all included in your subscription. If your customers want to receive a copy of their forms, they can be added to your library to offer a more personalised service.

No more lost forms

How frustrating and embarrassing is it to lose paperwork? We’ve all been there, but Klipboard helps mitigate the risk of losing valuable information by storing it all in the cloud.

Keep all of your forms in one safe location, that you or your client can access as and when you need them.

Always easy to read

Paper forms can sometimes succumb to the elements when team members have to fill them out in poor conditions, meaning when you get them back, they are not the easiest to read.

Keeping your customer’s data stored in the cloud means keeping it legible and safer.

For more on Klipboard’s features visit the product tour on our homepage or to dive right in why not use our 14-day free trial and see for yourself.