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  • Sharing knowledge is very important if you have a couple of Field Service Engineers in your team who are your superstars. They know all the little details of each customer, the things that aren’t always clear on the surface, but experience has taught them what to look for or what a particular customer expects.


    If this sounds familiar, then you’re putting your business under unnecessary risk by not sharing knowledge. When a Field Service team member leaves they take the knowledge with them, or if they are out of work for a period of time, that experience and know-how is absent too. 


    Klipboard can help you avoid that by levelling the playing field. Our Job Management Software will help you with you job scheduling, asset management and sharing knowledge across your whole Field Service team.


    Knowledge sharing benefits the team

    The benefits of sharing knowledge is felt by everyone

    You can turn your whole team into superstars and take the burden off your top performers by sharing details of each job, each asset and every location on Klipboard.


    There’s no substitute for experience but the whole team benefits when everyone understands the small details in a job and anyone can react and deliver a great service if needed.


    Your customer will appreciate and notice the difference when they get the same experience and service regardless of who arrives on site.


    Job Management is made easier when your team can arrive on site and feel confident they know who last visited and what work has been done. Your whole team can perform at a higher level when you are sharing knowledge across the whole business.


    Everything your team requires needs to be right at their fingertips

    When your Field Team arrives on site they need to have all the details of a job available at their fingertips. Sharing knowledge of previous services or customer preferences can save a lot of time and increase your First Time Fix Rate.


    If you want to know what your First Time Fix Rate is you can check out our article. Learn more.


    With Klipboard, you can give your field team engineers, technicians and back office personnel permissions to manage and access clients directly from the Klipboard mobile app. With the app they can have an instant view of the job and see all associated details such as who was last on the job, the work completed and importantly any job notes.


    We make it easy to connect your mobile workers with your client job details so they have everything they need on their mobile or tablet when they arrive at your client. Learn more.


    Workflows create consistency

    Have your whole team perform at a consistent level by following workflows that you can create yourself. 


    You can even encourage your superstar performers to build the workflows so you’ll know the actions taken are exactly what your most experienced and highest performing team members would do.


    Here’s how we make it easy to Manage Jobs and Client Details.


    Customers tend not to notice consistency but they certainly notice when service levels dip, that’s the benefit of using Klipboard, you’re guaranteeing the same experience every time.


    It’s time to give paper the red card and start building your own digital workflows and forms with Klipboard. Learn more.



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    Tackle burnout by sharing knowledge and the load

    Your hardest working field service professionals want to make a difference and perform brilliantly for your customers. 


    Employees who take on a lot of work and perform at a high level can experience burn out. Having to maintain those levels and take on all jobs simply because they know what needs to be done is a fast track to being put on the sidelines for a while.


    Sharing knowledge or at least having the important details available to everyone is a good way to avoid burnout and is a key element of employee welfare.


    You can read more on How to Prevent Burnout by clicking this link to our article.



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