Organise & streamline Your Field
Service Business, Say Goodbye To Paper

Organised Office

Manage Clients & Invoice Efficiently

Set up your clients information, keep notes and history along with management of all associated documents digitally. Quote your client and convert these to tasks when approved. Invoice upon completion, keep track of payments and sync with Xero Cloud Accounting.

Drag & Drop Scheduling of Field Employees

Schedule tasks to employees in the field through our intuitive drag and drop calendar. Set up recurring tasks to make sure those repeat jobs are allocated automatically.

Manage Assets &
Planned Maintenance Schedules

Our extensive Asset Management web and mobile app capabilities allow for asset surveying, asset registering and maintaining of assets on a pre-planned schedule at multiple customer locations. Automated customer communication ensures servicing schedules are never missed and extensive reports gives visibility for your customers.

No More Paper Forms, Collect Data Digitally

Digital data collection means no paper forms are needed. Quick and easy to use workflow forms can be setup back in the office using our unique Workflow Form & PDF Designer, then easily deployed to the field employee for data capture.

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Connected Mobile Workers

Receive & Access All Information Needed For A Job

Tasks sent to mobile workers who use the Klipboard mobile app are received in real time. With each synced task, all information needed to complete the job will be there, including client details, location mapping, notes, workflow form, assets, service records, associated PDF documents and notifications.

Asset Surveys & Service Records

Your mobile worker can perform an Asset Survey and quickly record details of each client asset including any serial numbers, manufacturers, product codes, equipment details as well as a range of other useful details during a survey. They can also complete any Services Records in accordance with an Asset’s Planned Maintenance schedule along with accessing any photos, history, documents and contacts for the client’s assets.

Quickly & Efficiently Capture Any Data

With Klipboard’s mobile or tablet app, users can access the workflow form for the allocated task enabling capturing of any type of data, as well as signatures and images. Quick and easy to use, workflow forms can be setup back in the office using our unique Workflow Form & PDF Designer, then easily deployed to the field employee.

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Simple Accounting


Create and monitor quotes for your clients. Add a new quote, apply discount rates & deposits and select your products & services. Send to clients directly from Klipboard or convert a quote straight to a task for your field employee to complete. All quotes are easily searched through a range of filters giving you complete oversight and client history.


Create new invoices specific to clients and tasks, set any discount rate, set a date and products/services you are providing. Associated quotes with completed tasks can be converted into Invoices automatically when a task is completed, which can then be saved or sent to your client instantly or downloaded as PDF to store.

Integration & Settings

Integrate with your Xero account in order to have automatic communication between your accounting and Klipboard's platform. We have a Two Way Sync with Xero, so any changes or updates to your invoices made on Klipboard or Xero will be reflected on both. In settings, you can design, edit and create templates for your quotes and invoices with your company branding and messaging. Easy to use and intuitive, these can be created in a matter of minutes.

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Impressed Customers

Automated Customer Communication

Improve customer service by keeping your customers informed through the use of automated email notifications, calendar reminders and the ability to email reports with customers easily and efficiently.

Build Repeat Business

Use Klipboard to store your client history, to know what was done during previous tasks and avoid any breakdowns in communication between your business, field employee and the customer.

Brand Your Forms or Reports

Add your own branding and contact information using our PDF Designer. All outgoing forms or reports sent to your customers will present the data captured out in the field in the way you desire.

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How much will you save by using Klipboard?

Klipboard's mobile field service platform could reduce the time spent on each of your jobs in the field by up to 10 minutes or more. Find out what savings to your business can be made by deploying Klipboard. Slide the control below to calculate:

We could save you £xx in your first year,
based on 1 person using Klipboard.*
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*This is based on a saving of 10 minutes per job, an average of 5 jobs per day per staff
member & a pay rate of $30/hour. This is meant for comparison only, no guarantee of performance.