The Power Of The Mobile Enterprise In The Workplace

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  • In recent years, organisations have had to adapt the way they manage and operate in response to a dramatic shift in technology, expanse of competition and the force of globalisation. This has defined the way in which businesses function and finding new ways to improve business productivity, flexibility and efficiency are no longer additional benefits to have, but are essential to the success of the business in the future.

    Organisations that embrace a mobile workforce are more equipped and able to deal with the surrounding factors in the environment, in a superior way to others. Mobile brings power to the working day in a world that is ever changing and continuously connected. It allows organisations to be constantly engaged with the rapid force of business and enables employees to work anywhere, anytime, easily and efficiently. The workplace of the future will utilise mobile to enhance the working day, allow workflow to occur more productively and provide flexibility for the company, employee and the customer.

    Due to this increase of mobile within the working environment, organisations are becoming more open to BYOD (bring your own device) policies, driven by demand for greater productivity and flexibility in the working environment. The majority of businesses are allowing and encouraging the use of personal devices to be used to enhance the activity within their organisation.

    It has been shown that employees benefit from more flexibility, increased personal productivity and a better work-life balance. Klipboard’s mobile platform is field ready and will benefit both the organisation and employee, in turn producing a more efficient agile workflow. With Klipboard, businesses are able to access information anytime, anywhere and manage sensitive data. It also facilitates the use of personal devices, as well as company devices and has security procedures in place which enable an organisation to be safe in the knowledge that their data is secure. Klipboard allows for flexibility and mobility within the working environment and when employees are in the field and aligns with the ever changing demands and trends in the business workplace.

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