Smart, Automated SMS Text Alerts

13 May 2020. Posted by Draven McConville

Customise and automate text alerts to keep your clients in the loop at key points of the job. Send realtime alerts that a team member is en-route to the job, therefore ensuring social distancing and minimising contact risks.

Building upon our Automated Client Calendar Reminders for Jobs and Client Follow Up Emails once a job is completed, we have decided to release SMS Text alerts as additional automated client communication. This will increase efficiency and allow more time to be spent on actual work and less time coordinating and fixing miscommunication.

The government has released “Covid-19 secure” guidelines in order to help people work as safely as possible during the coronavirus pandemic.

They have advised that communication with households / businesses prior to arrival, and on arrival, to ensure there is an understanding of the social distancing and hygiene measures that should be followed once work has commenced.

With fully customisable templates, SMS Text Alerts will prove to be very valuable in streamlining communication during this period and in the future in general.

SMS Text Alerts are coming soon and we will be providing more detail on how to use this functionality and a release date in future email updates.

Stay Safe.

The Klipboard Team