Klipboard vs your spreadsheet

1 February 2021. Posted by Max Jones

Replace your impractical spreadsheets with a single platform. Klipboard is designed to plan, operate and manage the busy demands for field service businesses.

Why use five different platforms when Klipboard gives you everything you need in one place?

Manage your field service operations within a single platform, raise quotes, create job specific workflows, produce reports and receive invoices, faster with Klipboard.

Replicate what you’re doing across Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, share resource drives, your calendar and email, with a single platform, which is easy to use and updated automatically in real time.

Built with being busy in mind

Klipboard was built specifically to support the demands of field service businesses. Spreadsheets were designed to be used in a multiple of different ways. They are a practical solution to data collect, they aren’t deigned with field service operations in mind. 

Compare the two:

Klipboard vs Spreadsheet

Get a complete picture of your teams availability

If you’re running your team from a spreadsheet things can get confusing. Keeping the data up to date and consistent across all teams is a challenge and there’s always important data that’s required but inevitably has to be accessed elsewhere.

Scheduling your team is tricky without a real time view of their availability, this is particularly important in fields when reactive maintenance or inspections are required.

What’s the status of your job?

One of the biggest challenges that comes with a busy field service business, is keeping track of job progress. Job statuses are built into Klipboard so you’ll know what needs to happen next or if you have any bottlenecks, stopping your progress. 

Replicating a process like this within spreadsheets, would be labour intensive, which would need to be managed manually to create a view of job status.

Completely clear responsibilities

You can assign work and Klipboard automatically sends email notifications to alert your field team. Reminders will be sent about upcoming jobs and your team can view all of their jobs in a single view. Working in spreadsheets, you would need to manually create new sheets and tabs frequently, not to mention manually sending your team reminders. 

Managing your team and your clients assets

Klipboard takes care of all the heavy lifting when you’re managing your clients assets. Automatic service reminders and tasks leaves you to focus on the bigger picture – providing a top level service.

Klipboard Scheduler

Managing an asset register is one of the top properties for many field service businesses. Without Klipboard, a new spreadsheet is required to display all of the scheduled and previous services. Clients are then contacted manually by phone or email and the information is then shared with your clients and colleagues. 

This requires a lot of time, effort and admin. With Klipboard this is handled automatically and communicated to everyone.

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