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We are looking for individuals to be a part of our exciting journey. Learn more about our culture, values and the roles we are looking to hire.

Our Culture

People are unique and we like that. Some of the qualities we look for are:

Be Yourself

Life is not a dress rehearsal, you only get one chance. Don't waste it by not being real. We value honesty, integrity and helping those around you. Each person in this world is unique and brings different qualities to a team. Join a culture where openness and being true to yourself are respected.

Be Adventurous

We are not adverse to taking calculated risks and ensuring we go that extra mile for our team and customers. Individuals who make smart decisions, create the most of opportunities presented and who are not afraid to think outside the box will excel in this dynamic environment. An exciting journey with Klipboard lies ahead!

Be Determined

The difference between those who succeed and those who are unable to, are the ones who have the determination to make things happen. We need hard working, dedicated individuals who are going to help drive our mission to revolutionise the working day. Bring the passion and determination and thrive with us!

Some of the benefits Klipboard can offer you

A Great Team

We have a committed team who share Klipboard’s vision to transform the mobility industry and enhance the working day. The creativity, passion and desire to succeed at what they do makes for a unique opportunity in joining others who think like you.

A Great Working Space

Located next to the infamous Borough Market, near London Bridge, our office space is fresh and vibrant. A rooftop garden, fitness suite, bike shed, chill out areas and private phone booths add to the unique character of our space. Lunches and evenings are never dull as we are surrounded by many great entertainment and dining spots!

Open Positions

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