Introducing Teams, Multiple Workflow Forms, Faster Mobile Sync & More!

18 September 2019. Posted by Draven McConville

Whilst most people were enjoying summer sunshine and possibly a cocktail, we were working hard on new features to be released! We know the coming months are the busiest period for our customers so we wanted to ensure we were giving you the best technology features to help your field service business.

As you know we have been planning to release “Multiple Workflow Forms on a Task” and you are probably wondering where is it?! Well we did plan on releasing it earlier however we thought we could supercharge the feature even more with other combined features….we promise it will be worth the wait!

What features are being released you ask then? Well we have these major updates being released over the next few weeks…


We listened to our customers and their request for more than one field worker to be assigned to a task / job and have developed our new “Teams” feature.

With Teams you can assign a task / job to the main field worker who will complete the workflow forms, asset service records, etc, but now you will also be able to add Team Members to the task / job when scheduling. We will run some smart background algorithms and work out who is available to be selected as a Team Member for that task, making your working day easier!

The selected Team Members on a task / job will receive it on their mobile app notifying them of the scheduled time and date, overview details, directions and the status ensuring your team knows when and where they have got to be. Teams will completely streamline your management and communication of tasks / jobs with multiple people assigned.

Team members have no workflow form or service record to complete, that is managed by the main field worker assigned and is leading the management of the task / job. Our new Teams feature is perfect for project work, installations or tasks that simply require multiple people to know where they have to be and what they have to do.

Multi-Workflow Forms On A Task / Job

Yes we know you have been waiting patiently! We are now very pleased to tell you that we will shortly be releasing multiple workflows on a task / job. When creating and scheduling a task / job for a field employee, you will have the option to add a mandatory workflow form and up to four additional workflow forms on a single task / job.

For example this is perfect for tasks that require a separate Risk Assessment, Job Sheet and Certificate, or basically any combination of workflow forms you can think of!

Faster Mobile Sync

Did you think we would forget about the Klipboard mobile app users in our recent feature development? Of course not! We got down to the nuts and bolts of our mobile sync engine and went to work on making major performance improvements.

The new mobile app sync when released will be much faster and therefore will greatly reduce the time of the sync by at least 75% in most scenarios. With the help of Klipboard you can get to doing your work much quicker and be even more efficient.

Quick View & Edit Of A Timesheet On A Task / Job

We released new Task / Job Overview screens a few months ago. These can be accessed by clicking the “View” button next to the “Actions” button on each of the Task status grids.

This update was very well received and with lots of positive feedback but we never like to rest at Klipboard HQ! We have decided to add the ability to directly view or edit the timesheet with the task overview page. When released this will make it much easier if you need to update the timesheet on a Pending Task prior to raising an invoice.

We think you are going to love the new updates being released over the next few weeks and as always if you have any suggestions or questions please get in touch with us via Live Chat!

Team Klipboard